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With Tent Trading, Knowledge = Profit, Time = Money
This class is by invitation only. You must send an email to PBFTentTrading@paintbarfactory.com and ask to be placed on the waiting list. When the class is offered again, we will notify you. We only offer this class once (2012) or twice (2011) a year. If you have asked to be placed on the waiting list before but no longer desire to take the course, please kindly email to be removed from the waiting list. This list is growing to a size that there is no way we can handle it. Thank you for your cooperation.
What a nice way to kick off the new year of 2012! $5,312 profit in the first two trading days, more than enough to pay for the training already! How much is your account up on January 4th? More than mine I hope. Glad to come back to the markets after the holidays.
Well, some might say 2 days don't mean much, could be luck, and I would agree. So let me show you my account statement for the first week of trading.
Between January 1st and 9th, there were 5 trading days. Sorry that I forgot to save a screen shot for Thursday, January 5th, but you can easily calculate from the total gain in 5 days less each daily profit from the other 4 days, Thursday's gain was an unimpressive $615.00 ($9499-$8884). I made 19 trades casually, paid $177.47 in commission, and made $9,499 passively. Since it's less than 4 trades per day on average, and most trades were filled early in the morning then I pretty much leave this account alone, go to my Futures or forex accounts, options trading is just a "side business" for "passive income" for me, as you will read throughout this page. Note, you are looking at my real, live account statements. $9500 a week is $6000 shy of half a million a year, none compounding. But let's not kill ourselves for that. Let's cut it in half and say if your goal is $5000 a week, which is just about half of what I did in the past week, shouldn't be too difficult, it is $260,000 a year. Is that more than your full time salary? I did this by clicking the mouse a few times a day at home. And guess what? I am just playing with some stocks which I didn't touch before. Last year I only traded two stocks and 3 indexes (Apple, Amazon, SPX, NDX and RUT, for the WHOLE YEAR! Wait, I think I may have played SPY once as well.... Can't remember now, but you get my point), the majority of momey was made from the indexes. I don't know what got into me, typical Gemini, can't do the same thing over and over for too long, always want to try new things, so this year I started looking into some stocks, and it's been fun so far. There is money on the floor everywhere if you know how to pick it up! That's how I look at the markets! And most people might not believe this (because most people lose money trading), there are so many easy ways to achieve this. By the way, tomorrow I will probably wrap things up a bit and the day after I will start a vacation for the rest of the month. This is another benefit of being a full time trader! You do what you want whenever you want it and never have to report to any one. January of last year I visited Maui. This January I will have a tour of the west coast, somewhere warm!
Okay, one more screen shot and I will be on my vacation. Today, January 10th, I made no trade, and the account still went up $1050.50 by itself.
I took a vacation between 1/11 and 2/2/2012. Visited a lot of places, and ate at many different restaurants every night. It was a blast. Towards the end of the vacation time, I caught a bad cold and was fighting it for a long while. It was frustrating and even after returning from vacation, I couldn't start trading right away. Also, afterwards, I decided to "tone down" a little bit. After all, I treat my options trading as a way of gaining "passive income". So I guess even a few thousand dollars a month, if I don't have to do a lot for it, is fine with me. Really no need to kill myself to grow this account since I still have futures and forex accounts to grow. Day trading, when done right, still makes the fastest cash. Nonetheless, here is my account statement saved on 2/21. Why do I say this is "passive"? You see, I made one trade on MCD, made $400 and pretty much dropped it. I dropped MA for now as well. So basically I am playing with 3 stocks and 2 indexes. I only started playing the NDX after the vacation. Before the vacation I only placed one trade on SPX for $400. So it's not like I am scanning the markets, study the charts, find perfect stocks or entries, there is nothing like that really. And if you scroll down to see my trades from last year, 2011, basically I only traded 2 stocks and 3 indexes for the entire year. Same thing over and over really.
Half a Million Profit in 5 months and 10 days? One Million Dollars Profit in 7 months and 2 days? 
Nothing speaks louder than numbers. Numbers don't lie. So let me start this web page with these screen shots. Those are a couple of statements from a student of mine, showing how much his account was up in the first 5 months and 10 days in 2011, then in 7 months and 2 days, trading the advanced strategies. If you are still skeptical, if you think this is too good to be true, if you think the numbers on the screen shot has been altered in any way, if you have ANY negative thoughts on your mind right now (thinking hypes, sales pitches, etc), PLEASE leave this website right now and don't insult me. I don't need you. I do not wish to talk to you. And I certainly don't want to teach you no matter how much you wish to pay me (you should know money doesn't mean a whole lot to people who can make money on demand). Don't waste my time, and yours on this mile-long web page. Yes, this student made more than the others, and Yes, this is his paper trading account. But I can promise that ANY ONE with a simple math skill can learn and WILL make money. Would you be happy with just a quarter of the profit in less than a year? Or even just 15% of the gains? How about 10% in a whole year just to be conservative? How much is your account up so far this year? I will be the first one to tell you that the statements below are not a realistic expectation in a live account, as the fills are not as easy and may not be as favorable in a live account. But if you know how EASY it really is to trade the method and make money, well, I guess you will thank me every day like some of my students (I guess the others are not grateful? lol! Just kidding). If you are reading this page and think you know an even easier way to make money that almost can't lose, email me and I will pay you $50K to learn it if you can prove it to me. This, I am not kidding.
Just for the giggle, on August 2nd, this student sent me another screen shot. When he sent me the above screen shot in June, he asked me if I want him to continue to paper trade his demo account, while trading his live account at the same time, to see if he could reach $1 million dollars in profit. I thought it would be fun and a great challenge, but I never thought it would happen so fast. Below is a screen shot showing over $1 MILLION DOLLARS of PROFIT in his demo account! He did it!! He nearly doubled his account in less than 2 months this time!  
What Happened in August, 2011
Go look at your chart. August 2011 could go into history as one of the craziest months if not THE craziest. The US debt ceiling problem, SP downgraded US credit, Moody downgraded Japan, Euro zone crisis, there were several 500-600 point swings on the DOW in both directions. How does one survive this market, let along making money?
Let's look at some of the statements from my LIVE account. Monday, August 1st. No one knows if the government will reach an agreement on raising its debt ceiling over the weekend. Whether they do or not, no one knows how the market will react. Doesn't matter for me. I have positioned myself well so regardless of what happens, I shall make money.
$19,737.53 profit for the day. One of the largest one day gain I have had this year to date. While the market opened and the profit kept pouring in, I was saving screen shots and sent them to my students in real time. When the profit for the day reached around $9,000, some students responded by saying "why don't you take your profits? What if it goes "poof" tomorrow"? I told them the fat lady hasn't sung yet. Here is the interesting part. The next screen shot was saved on the same day, 2 hours and 45 minutes into the open. As you can clearly see, the profit for the day at the time was over $17.5K. But there was no "Filled Orders" or "Cancelled Orders". This means I did not touch my portfolio prior to that time, only an open stop order on AAPL which was not executed. This means that $17.5K arrived by itself. I didn't lift a finger at all. Later on I tried to see if I could make $20K for the day and made a few trades, but didn't make it happen by the closing bell.
Good thing I didn't listen to my students and take "early" exits, right? Because this was what hapened next day, August 2nd.. Another $6,533.
Then the next day, August 3rd, another $7,225. By the way, before you even ask, the reason why the P/L Open did not always go up as much with P/L Day is because if you close some trades with profits and if the position made money that day, it will still show in P/L Day, but it will disappear from P/L Open because it is no longer an open position. This is common sense.
Okay, by now you are probably getting really bored looking at those statements. But I have something more interesting for you for later. Now, let's talk about the concept and why this works, or rather, why other peoples strategies don't work.
"The mother of all evil is.... Speculation" -- Gordon Gekko in "Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps". No one can guess the direction on the daily time frame consistently. There are simply too many elements (world news, company events, economy reports, government interferances, etc) that can affect the market and change the momentum at any minute. Fortunately for us Tent Traders, we don't need to speculate. We simply do not care which way the market is going.
Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge.  -- Lao Tzu, 6th Century BC Chinese Philosopher     
Everything you learned about trading so far tells you that, in order to make money in the markets, you need to study the market, choose a symbol, pick a direction, have a precise setup, enter the market with a perfect timing, respect your stoploss, monitor your positions, trail the stop, have a profit target and a perfect timing to exit the trade as well. This is really a lot of work, and with the uncertainty of the world economy, any news event can change the market's dynamic in an instant. With PBF Tent Trading, there is none of that. We can trade the same symbols over and over if they continue to meet our qualifications, we don't predict the future, we don't pick a direction (doesn't matter), there is no setup, no indicator (though it helps), no precise timing, no debating when to end the trade and take profits, no stoploss. Everything is pre-determined. No split second decision, no more hoping and praying, no more wondering what is going to happen to your portfolio tomorrow, just a simple plan, sound logic and common sense.
Answer this simple question for yourself. Most people who trade lose money, it's a well-known fact, but why? 85-90% of people never made a dime from trading, let alone having consistent results. Regardless what they know about the market, whatever courses or trainings they have taken, what are they doing in common? They are taught or trained to do one thing: they try to pick a direction! They try to guess where the market is going! If you are interested in taking an options trading course elsewhere and they teach you a lot of different strategies base on the outlook of the market, do yourself a favor and run away as fast as you can. The problem is not whether the strategies work or not. The strategies are mathematical, they always work. The problem is that they still require an "opinion" about where the market is going, and the opinion is what people got wrong most of the time, and the opinion is the problem. In other words, if the strategies are effective, they will still fail if they are based on "guessing the unknown". If you KNOW where the market is going, you don't need any of the strategies. If your analysis tells you the market is going higher and you are always right, why do you need to do a spread or any of the fancy stuff when you can simply load a bunch of calls? The problem is, you will not always be right, so you will not have consistent result. Not to mention the few times when you are right, human emotions come into play, you will always worry about whether the market will continue to go in your favor, where you should trail your stop, when should you take profits, etc. Life becomes hectic and trading becomes nerve-racking. To achineve consistent results and at the same time make your life a lot easier, you need strategies that do not rely on an "outlook" or any kind of "forecast" of the market, the very same strategies that work on bull market, bear market, and sideway markets, strategies that you apply everyday regardless of what your charts and indicators tell you, or what the talking heads on CNBC say. I don't care how many indicators on your charts say the market is overbought. When the Fed pumped money into the market and manipulate the stock market in late 2010, it went higher and higher in a straight line for several months regardless of the real economy situation in the world. High umemployment rate and inflation were largely ignored. I don't care how bullish you are, if the Chinese sneezes, or any kind of news coming out of oil-rich countries, any kind of political unrest out of middle east, the market is going to fall like a rock. And you just never know when these incidents are going to happen. Because, like me, you don't have a crytal ball. But what I have that you don't are some sound strategies that will profit regardless the market movements. I don't care which way the market moves, or at all. I don't care about the GDP, PMI, Non-Farm Payrolls, I don't care about the news from China, Dubai, Lybia, Egypt, or the Euro zone. The market can go up, the market can go down, the market can be stagnant for all I care. I do NOT have "bullish" or "bearish" strategies to play base on my "guesstimation" of where the market is going. I do not have an outlook of the market, I do not forecast where the market might go, I don't even look at a chart when I initiate a position. I simply don't care. It's not important. I do the same thing on the same symbols over and over and over...... and profit consistently. Sometimes one size does fit all! 
Let's continue with the story of August 2011. The market was in a downtrend since the beginning of the month. Friday, August 5th after the close, SP downgraded the US credit from AAA to AA+. A lot of talks over the weekend speculating how the market will react on Monday. What happened was a 600+ points sell-off and the volatility shot through the roof. To make the matter worse, Thinkorswim changed margin requirements and forced me to close some open positions at a loss in order to keep the buying power up. On August 8th I had my first losses due to forced liquidation. I never thought this could happen to me. Prior to this day, this method was an "armchair investment, passive stream of income" for me. After this day, I wasn't very happy about what happened. If I did not learn from my losses and experiences, if losing trades didn't make me a better trader, then I shouldn't be trading. I went out with friends on the 8th and had fun until midnight. On Tuesday, August 9th, I made $29.780.50 without any new orders being filled. This means on Monday while taking a loss, I was strategically positioning myself with whatever I could hold onto, and already getting ready to fight back.
If the market takes away what's rightfully mine, I shall take it back. Next day on August 10th, made another $10.5K.
The war continues. I became more active for my options account than usual. August 11th, another $11K. That's more than $51K in 3 days.
Friday, August 12th, only $4,749.50. There was an unfavorable fill due to platform glitch in the mornig. TOS promised to look into it but I have no answer from them as of yet. It was a $3,710 or so disadvantage to my trade, otherwise this could be an $8K+ day for me.
The week of the 15th to the 19th, as expiration date was approaching, I made a few thousand a day, nothing too impressive as most of the profits were baked in. So I am not going to post the daily screen shots. The following week, as I started building new positions and became more and more active, more profits came in. Monday, August 22nd, and Tuesday August 23rd, made over $12K in two days.
During this "angry" perid of time, I also developed a way to "scalp" the market. In fact, some students have been doing it more aggressively. I didn't, because like I said, this method was more of a pssive income stream for me. I didn't really spend a lot of time on the account. But the more time I spend on it, the more I find it interesting. In fact, let me show you a couple of screen shots showing a type of trade I was doing between August 15th and 23rd, 9 trading days, but I only traded it in 5 of them, the 15th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and 23rd. 20 trades in 5 days, 20 wins without a single loss. Call it luck if you want. And I don't look at a chart or pick a direction before entering a trade. I just look at the Greeks, click, and let go. And it's not like I was sitting there babysitting my trades. Most of the time I just ignored them until one of them got filled. There is really nothing to manage. Either you get a fill, or you don't.
That's $11,165 in 5 trading days or 9 calendar days. Over $19K in the first few weeks in August from NDX alone, not counting trades made on other symbols. While this strategy was not designed to "day trade" or "scalp" the options market, I will happily take whatever it gives me. If it works, why not, right? This is from my real, live account, so it is not just demo or theory. I am donig it. The greater volatility probably helped quite a bit. But hey, if you could make on average $1000 a day, that's over $200K a year. Just remember, there are still people working for $10 an hour. We should feel fortunate that we don't have to beat the traffic and rush to somewhere to work for others and make others rich. We can download money from the comfort of our own homes. There is no better "job" in the world than a trader, if you know what you are doing.
So what happened prior to August 15th? I wasn't really trading this method, just casually. Here are the trade history:
And after the 23rd?
So for the first 25 days in August, I made 36 trades with this method on NDX (among others), 36 winners, 0 loser, 100% win rate, for a total profit of $22,685.00, average profit per trade is $630. And I never look at a chart prior to entering a trade, I never have to pick a direction or guess what the market is going to do. I only look at the "Greeks". At NO time I was using more than $2500 in margin (in fact only 4 times I used more than $2000 in margin. The other times only around $1200). As of this writing, I am only putting 4.11% of my total account equity on two stock positions and a few longer term positions. The rest is in cash. 36 trades in 25 calendar days with 36 wins, while there were days I didn't trade, there were 19 trading days, let's count them anyway, so on average it is $1,193.95 gain per trading day. Assuming there are 220 trading days in a year. If the streak continues, this is $262,669.00 profit a year. Imagine that! One strategy, one symbol, one method, over and over again, using no more than $2500 in margin, this is 10,000% annualized ROI without compounding? Too good to be true? I thnk so. While math doesn't lie and this is the number I am getting, that's cut that in half just to be conservative.
Friday, 8/26/2011. Bernanke gave the highly anticipated speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the morning. While didn't deliver the highly anticipated QE3, the market rallied anyway, but on a very light volume, because hurricane Irene was hitting the east coast. Most traders in NYSE probably took off before the weekend. Only one day trade for $1,145 profit.
8/29/2011, Monday. Hurricane Irene didn't cause serious damage as anticipated, the market rallied on some good data as well. The DOW added 254 points for the day. The price action was sluggish and the volume was very light. Probably not all traders had returned to NYSE and London market was closed for a public holiday. Because of these, I took smaller bites today. 3 trades, 3 winers, for $1,000 BOOKED profit. Other than the first order, the others occurred within 17 minutes.
Before the close, however, I decided to open another trade and hold onto it until tomorrow for more profit, because the profit for the day was just pathetic. It was a right decision. The next morning I closed the trade for $650 all by itself. Then made two more trades for another $1,850. So 3 trades, 3 winners, for $2,500 BOOKED profit today. 8/30 was FOMC day, I quitted trading after 9 AM and pretty much chatted with my students for the rest of the day.
In case you don't believe my math (trust me, I am VERY good at it!) below is a risk graph. I just populated the orders above, the top 6 that were executed today (8/30/2011), and the risk graph shows exactly $2,500 profit for the day. In fact, they threw in one mroe penny, but who is counting!
8/31/2011. I was very looking forward the last day of August, eager to know how much I could have made with that one method on one symbol for the month, althogh I wasn't really doing it in the first half of the month. Unfortunately, I couldn't trade today. I had been running around for a week trying to get my license plate renewed. It expires today. I had to deal with different smog stations, dealer, muffler shop, DMV... in the past week. Today I was on the phone with two insurance companies for almost two hours. Turned out my sweet car wouldn't pass the emission test because it doesn't have a cat converter. What kind of a car doesn't have a cat converter, right? (Hint: Think sporty). Putting one on will definitely kill the speed and performance. But if I don't, I won't get my license plate renewed. Dilemma. Two and a half hours at the muffler shop and two hours at the DMV, totally missed the last day of the month. However, yesterday I noticed an unusual increase on margin for a trade I opened a few days ago, which I was going to hold and milk over time, probably till expiration. Contacted TOS but they gave explanations I couldn't accept. When in doubt, get out, that's my policy. So I sent an order out this morning before leaving home which got filled around noon time and got $545 out of the trade. The margin required went from $1,012 to $16K for no reason at all. I just didn't feel comfortable holding it any more. This is another beauty of this type of tradng. I don't have to sit here to make money. Just send the orders and leave them alone. In fact, that's what I did most of the days. Send out orders in the morning, flip to TradeStation and day trade the Futures market. Until I hear a fill on TOS, I don't even have to look at it. Options, Futures, Forex, Stocks, anything that moves and tradable, if you know what you are doing, you can make so much money in so many different ways. Making money becomes something fun. So much fun you don't even have the time to spend it because you enjoy doing it so much! Okay, maybe I am just talking about myself. But it's not like I don't own big house or sports car or designer clothes. When you have more money than you can spend, it begins to feel like they are "just numbers" in your trading/bank accounts.
Now let's recap. There are 31 days in August, of which 23 days the market were open, of which I traded this one method on one symbol (among others), at first casually, then paid more attention in the second half of the month, in 15 of the 23 days (16 if you count today, 8/31, I wasn't even home). Made 44 trades counting the one from today, all but two were "day trades". 44 winners without a single loser. Total profit? $27,875.00 BANKED profit. There is no risk because all trades were closed and profits booked. Mind you, this is only using one technique, one method, on one symbol, casually trading it for one month, without having to pick a direction, look at a chart, time your trade, use an indicator, or anything like that, at all. If you trade the same way for a year, that's $334,500.00 annual profit. Now if you double your trade size, if you trade more actively, if you do this on more symbols.....  At no time I was using more than just a few thousand in margin on a PM account (other than the last one which was weird and that was the reason I got out). I don't even want to talk about the ROI here, it will sound absurd even to me and my students and I are actually doing it. Remember, this is just one of the methods I teach applied on just one symbol. $27,875 profits without a losing trade in an entire month trading one symbol casually with one trading method without having to pick a direction or looking at a chart is probably not very easy to beat, wouldn't you agree? 
5 for 5, you might be lucky. 10 for 10, you might be very lucky. 15 for 15, you might be onto something. 20 for 20, excellent record. 25 for 25, can you really continue? 30 for 30, I can't believe it. 35 for 35, now that's consistency. 40 for 40, you probably really know something no one else knows. 44 for 44 for an entire month for $27,875.00 profit? What do you call it?
Just put an icing on the cake in case you are wondering if my winning streak continues into September. Leading towards a 3-day long weekend, the volume is always low. In fact, it's been low and slow the whole week. So I wouldn't bother trading too much. Besides the Labor Day sales has been on since Wednesday. Who wants to sit home making money when you can go out shopping, right ? (Bought a $1200 chair so I can finally push my $6000 leather sofa aside which looks fabulous but not very comfortable. Some things are not very practical and meant only for the look. Now turn around and look at your wife..... LOL! Just kidding! No offense to my female readers out there!!) So one trade only on 9/01/2011, but a good one. Once filled, just forget about it. At some point I got out half of the trade with profit of $960. Just half of it. Mind you I didn't double my contract size or anything, just a "regular" trade that costs about $1050 in margin. Kept the other half for the next day for more profit. The next day on 9/02/2011, which is actually today, got out the second half near the open with slight more profits of $1,190. So all together, $2,150 for this one trade. Paid for my new chair, new designer duvet cover, new down comforter, all top quality, and put the gas in my car. I am eyeing that 82 inch Toshiba TV, guess I should have made a couple more trades to cover that as well....
Here is a screen shot populating the same orders back on the Risk Profile. But folks, I am not going to post more from here on. I have posted my trades for an entire MONTH. If I keep winning for the rest of my life and keep posting, this page will be longer than the distance between the earth and the moon. It's fun to talk about trading and post my results, but if they are same old same old (just win and make money every day), it can be kind of boring, too, I guess...... Okay, for the record, I didn't make $2,150. I was shy of 1 penny! Easy come, easy go, right? They gave me 1 more penny in my last screen shot and now they took it away! I feel so violated! LOL!
So how much is this trading method worth to you? Email me and make me an offer, maybe I will teach you. All you tire kickers who contacted me before, sorry, if I ever teach again, I will raise my price aggressively to reflect the true value of the course. Maybe I will just charge you what I made in a month casually trading one market with just one method (and of course that's not all I did with my own account or all I teach), or I will just charge you my largest one day gain, and you can keep your profits for the other 364 days and the rest of your life. Sounds fair? I think so. It is still a bargain however you slice it.  
Recently, I got emails from a visitor who was kind of rude. I don't want to talk about him or go into details. But listen, I don't advertise my Tent program or my entire website, I don't hire affiliates to promote it, I don't record DVDs and sell them. I am NOT like your other "vendors" who sell or teach stuff but don't trade their own accounts because they can't trade. Did you ever get any email from me promoting my indicators or courses? Did you ever get any discount on my site because it's some kind of holiday or anniversary? Never. Other people sell their own stuff to you first, then start selling other peoples stuff to make affiliate commissions. What does that tell you? This year (2011) I only offered the class twice, for less than what I can make in one day, or in an hour. I am only trying to help out a few people who put their faiths in me to change their financial future. Most of my students found me from the indicators department and knew me from the day trading side. No need to send emails to "challenge" me. You can't win and I am not interested. No need to be rude or even insult my students because they have nice things to say about me, just to show how unique or how great you are. If you are so great, you don't need me. Go trade your own accounts, be a trillionaire and stop looking. I am not pointing a gun at you and forcing you to be my student. I am not sending you spam emails begging you to learn from me. YOU FOUND ME, I didn't find you. Your money is in your pocket, no one can force you to give it to me. This is MY website, my own happy place, my blog, my diary, my trading journal. If you find it interesting, you are very welcome to visit often and share my stories. If you are one of those idiots who badmouths every one else on forums when you have no clue what is really going on and how to make money, well, continue to do what you do best and I sincerely hope you make a lot of money because obviously you know better. Which successful trader in his/her right mind would hang out on various forums posting after finishing his/her trading day? Forums are nothing but collective thoughts from a bunch of losers, sorry to say that. People gather around either criticizing "vendors", or trying to "figure out" how they did it so they can save a dime from their education. And you think the forum owners are on your side? Think again. Don't you think somehow they are making money from their visitors/members as well? Stop wasting your time. If you want to be a winner, model a winner, hang out with a winner and see how he did it. If you trade alongside a winner and see how he makes money day in and day out, not only you see people are actually DOING it, it will also help you develop the correct mindset and boost your confidence. It is said that your income equals to the average of what your close friends make. I think there is some truth in this statement. You are not a friend of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, are you? Do you want to hang out with bitter losers, or do you want to hang out with happy winners? I run a trading group which is like one big happy family. Every one is happy and they help one another. I firmly believe in Karma and I really don't want a rotten apple in the group no matter how much you are willing to pay me. If you want to learn, be respectful, be humble, or sooner or later the market will teach you a lesson which will be a lot more expensive. If you think you know more than me, good for you and best of luck. After reading what I wrote which is very logical, showing you my trading statements over a period of years, not just one lucky trade or one lucky day, testimonials and trading results from my students, if you are still skeptical, and you have all the right in the (trading) world to be, find other "gurus". I know why you are skeptical because you have been scammed just way too many times in your life, but essentially if you don't believe me, you are calling me a liar in a way. They are them and I am me. They spam you over and over with sweet talks, but I show you statements from my live trading account, plus this one trading method for an entire month. What more proof do you want from me? Trading is all about personality, and I am sorry to say this, it is mean, but some people deserve to be poor and stay poor forever until they change the way they think. I don't need your money. I have said that in the very beginning of this web page. Your money means nothing to me. The largest one day gain you have seen so far from my statement is $29,780.50. One day. Think about it for a moment. Let it sink in. Really........ Now tell me, with what price do you think I can be bought? And if I guarantee you can learn exactly how to do what I do and duplicate my success (in fact, I have students outperform me left and right....), what's the fair value of this opportunity to you? How much are you willing to pay and learn a method that could change your life forever? Let me reiterate something I said at the beginning of this web page. If you can show me another way to make money consistently and easily, better than my method, provided if you can prove it to me, I am willing to pay $50K or more to learn from you. Just name your price. No kidding. Why not? If the method is so good, it will only take a few good days or weeks to make the investment back anyway, and I get to keep the profits I make for the rest of my life. It's a bargain. That's how I look at it.
Here is what I mean by having students beating me left and right. This is a statement from a student's LIVE account (Demo accounts always start with D-). Trading the same strategy, I only made 3 trades on that day for $2,500 booked profit, he did 12 trades for $8,465, in ONE DAY.
September 14th, 2011. I know I said I am not going to update this type of trading any more, because it will just be the same old same old, but couldn't help it. First, look at the NDX daily chart below. I am sure you will notice a few things since early August, which is when I started showing you my trades above. First, you should see that the daily candles get longer and longer, compare to the candles before August 1st. The market moves more than 1% almost every day. In fact, it moved more than 2% most of the days in either direction. Second, you will see the market became very "gappy". How do you trade this market really? Do fundamental or technical analysis work in this situation? Every one thinks we are going down. A few weeks ago people even predicted that the SPX is going back to 666. If you draw trend lines, the market just broke above the triangle formation to the up side today. But if you are a breakout trader, does it mean we are finally breaking out of this trading range and the market is going up from here? Are you willing to bet your money on the long side with the great uncertainties in Europe? Greece may default any day now (or that's what the headlines say) which will have a domino effect, other countries will follow, the Euro-zone would collapse. This would be bigger than the failing of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stern, wouldn't it? But despite all the negative headlines and talks about the risk of double recession in the US, the market has somhow gained traction and moved higher. Wouldn't it be funny if, when the dust settles, the low of August 9th turns out to be the low for the year? Who knows? Anything can happen. How do you play directionally? How do you bet your money? How do you know which way the market is heading? How do you make money from this market??        
Here is how. You don't predict the future. You don't care about the market direction. It's a loser's game to guess the direction on the daily time frame. That's what I believe. It might work sometimes when you have your 5 minutes of brilliance, but it won't last, it can't be consistent. Today, September the 14th, I made 6 trades on NDX. Same method, same way. Some people are afraid of volatility, which I don't understand why. Without volatility the market won't move. If the market doesn't move, how do you make money? Volatility can be your friend if you know how to play it. See statement below. 6 trades for a total profit of $3,540.00. Easy money. Again, this is from my LIVE account, not a demo. Would be stupid if you have the skill to make real money like this yet still wasting time on your demo account. 6 trades, 6 winners, 0 loser, $3,540 in the bank for the day. No guessing, no predicting, no timing, no nothing, just look at a couple of numbers, click and trade. No stress whatsoever. Can't be easier. Did your job pay you $3500 today? I doubt it. And again, this is just one method on one symbol, I have other positions that are making money as well, plus I really didn't have to watch the market when trading this method, just send the orders out and leave them alone, so I can always go to my Futures account and have fun with the ES or play the Euro or Cable on my Forex account until I hear one of the orders is being filled. Multiple ways of downloading money, it's a fun life!    
September 15, 2011. Okay! Now I am just showing off. I will try very hard not to update this page too often! LOL! 3 trades today, 3 wins for $2,135. The market actually went up today. I guess the "breakout" from yesterday did carry over to today? The DOW was up 186.45 points. But would you really bet your money on the long side? I wouldn't be comfortable, I know that much. But I know how to make money without betting on a direction anyway, so I don't have to do anything I don't feel comfortable with. $5,675 between today and yesterday. Not too bad. Especially when you trade without any stress, winning every trade you make (9 for 9 in two days), and each trade only takes seconds to set up, without having to even look at a chart. In the past month and a half, I showed you 54 trades total. No loser. 54 for 54 since August 1st. What do you call this winning streak? By now you should believe that it CAN sustain and this CAN be done on a consistent basis. There were probably trades I didn't show you from early September, like the one I made on Monday, September 12th for $1200. Again, I am only showing you ONE technique on ONE symbol using no more than $1200 on margin per trade. I am doing more than just this type of trading of course. This is only part of the passvie income pool.

Registration for Live Training on the "PBF Tent Trading" method is now CLOSED INDEFINITELY until further notice. If you are interested in learning this extremely high win rate, low maintenance, stress-free way of trading, please send an email to PBFTentTrading@paintbarfactory.com to be placed on the waiting list for my next class. Note: You MUST be on the waiting list to be notified for the available class. I don't teach often and I do not want to change this section so that any one can sign up. I screen people and I want to hear from you first. And no, I am not collecting email addresses. I am not a marketer and you will NOT hear from me unless and until a class is offered, so don't expect a reply.
 I have been trading for 3 years and have, like many of you, spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on courses, indicators, trainings, seminars, all in the effort to join the famous 5% that consistently earn money by trading.  It never occurred to me that I could be shown in 3 intense 5 hour sessions on Saturday afternoons basically everything I need to learn in order to  meet my financial goals. This course is profound because it is taught by someone who is
1) an absolute master of the subject
2) totally focussed on the business of making money
3) is actually earning his own living trading
4) is HONEST
5) is not holding back anything.
6) is happy to answer intelligent questions and only mildly annoyed by stupid ones and
7) is a delightful human being that is smart, funny and, completely rare in this business, generous with his knowledge and his time.
If you are lucky enough to find this class offered again and there are spots available DO NOT HESITATE. At some point my guess is the course will be taken off the market. When that happens, those of us who have taken it will be "made guys". And those who missed it will still be out there, wasting money on more overpriced BS. Think about it. 
Darell Shaffer MD., MN
For anyone concerned,
If this is the very first time that you ever come across the markets and you have any interest to learn how to make money from it, then you are the luckiest person in this world. You have found the closest-best-deal person you will ever find that will teach you what it means to make money in the markets no matter win or lose.
Sebastian is the most open and honest person you will ever meet, once you see how much effort and heart he puts on his classes to teach you his techniques you will as me recommend him and put your hands on the fire for him.
If you learn the basic Tent trading techniques and apply them exactly as he teaches them and after you understand every single thing detailed in the manual, you will be able to profit from the markets almost right away. The learning curve is supported by a great group of people (Google Groups) looking forward to help you make the best decisions and work together for the ultimate goal to profit from the markets. This only makes the whole course worth every penny.
After finishing my second month trading the basic tent strategies outlined by Sebastian, I was able to make around 890$ after comissions in ONE WEEK using the Earnings strategy on AAPL and AMZN, and I did play earnings EVEN MORE SAFER than necessary (I just like to sleep well at night).
On my paper trades during the teaching process I was able to make around 1300$ using around 10k margin. And just for the records this was not even the exact recommended way to do this trading (you will learn more about this in the class), since before starting a trade  you will do what you will learn in week 3, then week 2 then week 1, and this trades just for the sake of the learning purposes were made in reverse order.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn your Tent trading techniques, and I hope to do as much for you as you did for me.
Gustav, Germany




First, thank you for the fantastic "Advance Training" Class.


After your class I sat and reflected, digested what you presented. After some time I came to the following: the knowledge you shared was superb, off the chart! Your 8 hour (and 10 min) presentation of which was excellent, and for me most important is your genuine, sincere desire, your intention to insure that we all will be successful.


I don't think the training you offer is about the money for you. We received far more value than we paid for. I have taken many training classes, investing, trading and otherwise, never have I participated in any training that I received more VALUE, or felt that the instructor(s) only reason for presenting it was to insure that I learned the information, and to then apply it successfully. My sincere thanks.


And now the icing on the cake, your "after" training "training", and support. questions always answered, the continued effort you make to insure our success. Your integrity is exemplary, you deliver more than you promise, that is quite refreshing. I think you will be a good parent someday.


You will likely recall that it was quite some time (like 6 months) after I first took the first Advanced Class before I traded the Advanced Strategies in my live account, now after several months "live" I am pleased to report i am doing quite well with them. The new RV strategy................ it took me less than 6 hours first live fill, RV JUN SPX.

Attached is a live account P/L screen shot. As you see, I have more than paid for all the Training costs, Open P/L this YTD alone ( 01-01-11 to 2-7-11). But more importantly, so very safely. I sleep very well. The Advanced strategies you have shared with us is a "Game Changer" for me. Unbelievable. The post training- training, and your sincere intent to insure that your student are successful is exemplary. You are indeed "First Class" .


Sebastian, "Thank You" does not adequately express my gratitude to you, for what you have shared with me and how it has and will change my life.


Best Regards
Dave P., FL
Thank YOU Sebastian for a great course! I am as at today positive $ 2872 on my paper account with ToS, who would have thought that with no previous options trading experience prior to the course I would be in this position after three weeks ! [From Sebastian: Actually, it was a 3-week training program with only TWO weeks in-between, not three.]

As ever your willingness to answer queries no matter how trivial is first rate, coupled with the Tent Trading Google Group, you just never feel in the dark or wondering.

Thanks again and I look forward to the advanced class.

All the best

Rob H., Australia


[Below is a screen shot from a student, Nick, sent to the group on March 4th, 2011, showing his profits since he finished the advaced class and started trading on February 7th, 2011, merely 26 days ago, with an open profit of more than $37,000, and an email to break down what he did. I cut short the message and deleted some sentences in-between regarding the strategy and technical parts and replaced them with "......" but I did not add one single word to his content]


All of these trades were RVs. ..... Sebastian had stressed that we should stay away from the front months. I opened this account on Feb. 7th. My closest month was April. The first screen shot below shows all of the instruments on which I had trades. Initially each instrument only required about $1300 of margin. Thus by trading:

  • AAPL
  • FSLR
  • GOOG
  • NDX
  • PCLN
  • RIMM
  • RUT
  • SPX
my total initial margin required was around $11,000.  That left me with over $80,000 of buying power. 

I now had a choice. Do I sit on my unused $80,000 and keep that as reserves .......or do I become aggressive and put on more positions?


I chose to become more aggressive. So about two weeks ago, I added the next month out (June) to all of my positions listed above. Again, it cost me another $11,000 dollars or so. I was still sitting on over $65,000 of available buying power. 


Then thanks to Iain's e-mail to Sebastian earlier this week where he wanted to know if it would be ok to jump into Sept trades (Sebastian replied that it would be really cheap to do Sept.), I decided to really load up on the Sept RVs on the NDX, RUT and the SPX. 


I spent over $6,500 for my NDX Sept RV trade, and over $7,000 for the SPX and over $7,000 for RUT Sept RVs.

I placed these last trades on Thursday March 3 at night. Yesterday morning, March 4th, they all got filled after the opening bell. The market started to fall. I took a glance at my monitor tab. At one point I had a profit of over $25k, a minute later I was up to over $39k as the market continued drop. I could not believe what was happening. The Sept. NDX trade which had the $6,500 margin, had an open profit of over 90% of margin required. Look at the screenshot below. The actual margin required for the Sept NDX was $6,975. I was sitting on an open P/L of $6,591. That is a whopping 94% return on margin. That position got filled that very morning. 94% return in a couple of hours!!!!!  I scrambled to close all of my positions to try to capture all of that profit. The market rallied a bit by the time that I was completely out, but I still pocketed over $25k. Not too bad considering that I started trading the RV on Feb.7th. I am not an a#@ kisser, but we really need worship the ground that Sebastian walks on and then nominate him for the Nobel Prize in economics


Sebastian floated the idea that he may consider using something like $100k in margin on these trades. Hold the trades for a month or two. When the return on margin is up to, let's say, 30% or 50%, you cash in and place more trades. .......... It seems so simple, yet I am completely blown away by his idea. 


Anyone of us who took Sebastian's advanced class should be able to do this, and I am pretty certain that if any of you stayed away from the March contracts, that your return on margin was very healthy. 


To summarize:

  • Started trading RV's on February 7th with PM account
  • Initially traded April RV on AAPL, FSLR, GOOG, NDX, PCLN, RIMM, RUTand SPX
  • Couple of weeks later, I put on June RVs on all of the above. At this point, each trade only uses  around $1,300 in margin
  • Yesterday morning at the open (March 4th), I put on/opened September RVs on the NDX, RUT and the SPX. I loaded up heavy on these and spent a total of $21,000 in margin on just these three.
  • The market fell yesterday (March 4th), my open P/L shot up, then I exited all trades in order to realize my gains.
  • On Monday I will start the process again.


Sorry for the long winded e-mail, I have been so excited by this stuff.


Sebastian, and the rest of the advanced class, everything that I have just written is based on my own experiences, so if I have stated something that is not correct or inaccurate, please point it out to me. I am very eager to master this.


Best regards,


Nick L., Tampa, FL  
Scroll down to see my "journal" on trades made since October 2009. The market went up, the market went down, the market went sideways, the market had a record intraday day drop (flash crash) in the year, it doesn't matter for us.  Also find out how a student nearly doubled his account and made over $100,000.00 in 4 months immediately after he finished the classes (conservatively speaking) with a video showing his account statement.   
We will meet on Saturday afternoons for 3 weeks via GoToWebinar, each session we aim for 4-5 hours, (Be prepared. Be sober!) Prior to the training, you might want to download Thinkorswim platform, get it up and running. The training will be very fast-paced. Homework will be assigned after each session. You will paper trade and set up your own Tents after the first session, observe it daily and record your own progress. We will discuss your progress and questions you may have in the following session. You will received a detailed, no filler Manual of over 32,000 words in 180+ pages, explaining every little detail and nuance, every tricks that could increase your profitability of this trading method with text, screen shots and live trading examples. If you are a TradeStation user, you will receive a few helpful Indicators designed for Tent Trading purposes as a graduation gift from me at no extra charge. You will also have the access to a Members Only web page, where you can ask questions and post your homework. The participants for the month will work together as a group and learn from one another. By the end of the training, you will be able to trade the PBF Tent Trading method on your own, immediately, and learn everything you need to know to be successful. All it takes is 3 afternoons to change your financial situation for life!
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The Training will cover everything from A to Z on how to make money from trading this method, including:
  • What is "PBF Tent Trading? You will immediately realize why you have an edge over the others trading this method. (In fact, this is more like making money from selling hope than trading.... There are too many losers in the markets with too much money to gamble. We want to take a portion of it every month)
  • The Basics and the Termininology.
  • Why Tent Trading?
  • What symbols to trade and why? What are the criteria and qualifications? We will offer a list of symbols you can start trading right away. There is no need to spend hours on research finding trading candidates. You can simply pick a few symbols from the list, set up tents and make money month after month, doing the same thing over and over again.
  • The Strategies. When to enter the markets and why.
  • Risk/Reward. How to Calculate your ROI.
  • Setting up the TOS Platform.
  • How to Set Up a Tent. I will show you a step-by-step, easy way to set up a Tent in under 1 minute. 
  • Trade Management and Adjustments, how to turn a potential losing trade into a winner again. When to Adjust your positions, how, and why? What to do if the trade goes against us? This is the most critical part of this trading method, yet it is very simple. Most of the time the trade should do well and all we have to do is wait and be paid. On occasions when the market posts a threat to our position, if you know how to adjust your tents, you don't have to lose money. The majority of the time you can turn a losing trade into a winner again if you know what to do, and increase the profit potentail at the same time.
  • Exit and Profit Taking. When to take profits and why.
  • How to place "land mines" that can be completely RISK FREE (can't lose) to protect your trades.
  • Tricks that could potentially make more profits.
  • The importance of Volatility and how it affects your trades.
  • Every little nuances you need to know.
  • The flexible way of thinking.
  • The 3-dimension way of trading.  
  • Money Management. How much should you allocate to each trade. How much do you want to make per month. How to double your account or better every year. What do you have to do to quit your job. (Yes, it is possible. The amount of money you can make is limited to the size of your account).
  • Useful Technical Analysis techinques for Tent Trading purposes.
  • How to "Swing Trade" with Tent Trading method if you want to be a bit more active, at the same time increase your profit potential and limit you risk. 
  • How to play Earnings safely and profitably with this method, with a bonus Spreadsheet designed to help you target winning trades and make profits.
  • The "Layered Cake" strategy named by a student with a bonus Spreadsheet.
  • Five Years backtesting results by a student in a PDF File.
  • A PDF file compiled from thousands of archived emails in the past by a student so you don't have to go through them all.
2010 (Scroll down for more from 2011, more recent and updated, 2009 is at the bottom of this page)
Who wants to learn a trading method that is so easy to follow, very mechanical, put on a few positions and watch your portfolios grow on their own?
March 29, 2010 Portfolios:
Very simple. Not complicated. 3 symbols, $1,235 profit for the day.

Another Portfolio, more trades, more profits. $7,865 open profit on March 29th, 2010.  

Same Portfolios, a few days later on April 5, 2010. I did nothing. The open profit grows to $8,042. And, if you look carefully, it was actually a down day, I actually lost $615 on the day. But who cares? Sooner or later, when the pay day comes, it's all mine. Money rolls in by itself.
 A couple of days later on April 7th, 2010, the profit grows to $9,495 without me having to do anything.
A few days later on April 12, 2010, the open profit exceeded $10K to $10,810! With expiration approaching, I still had $385.48 Theta Per Day!
So what happened to the other Portfolio with only 3 symbols in it? It made $685 on April 12, 2010 with open profit of $2,720, still have Theta of $796.04 per day with only 4 days to expiration!!! At this point, making money is a Certainty. 
Another day, more profit. I was away and spending the entire afternoon with my accountant trying to get the tax stuff done. The portfolios made money on auto-pilot. Can't beat this. With expiration around the corner just two more sessions to go, this is setting up to be another very profitable month for me. The one account now has profit over $11K, and the other account is approaching $3K profits. Interestingly, I still have a lot of Theta to collect! $14,235 open profit with more to come in the next couple of days. How much are your trading accounts up lately? And this is done with just a few minutes a day, most of the days you don't even have to do a thing. Just check and make sure everything is okay. 
It is true that money doesn't grow on trees. But it is better that money grows inside my Tents. No water needed! This is what I call "Passive-Aggressive"! In this case, Time IS Money. No need to sit there and stare at your monitors all day long. A few minutes a day is all you need. What you want to do with your free time is entirely up to you. Perhaps get the PBF Indicator Package and day trade for fun if you have itchy fingers?
THEN..... Monday, April 19th.  Last Friday was the pay day. I got paid handsomely. On Monday morning I set up a few new trades. Left the office to meet with an old friend whom I haven't seen in over 6 years. Had lunch together, hung out in the afternoon, then went to a bar to watch NBA Playoff games. Got home late. And this was what I saw when I turned on my computer: The small portfolio made $692.50 on the day, that's definitely more than what I spent on food, drink, ice cream and gas today (and I was the one buying all day). A very nice head start for the new trading cycle:

Day after day.... Talking about consistency! All done on auto-pilot. $1,650 open profit, and there was no Filled or Cancelled orders as you can see.
Fast-forward to April 28th, FOMC day, the news didn't move the market much. The NDX was up merely 1.34, the position was up $647.50. The RUT was up only 1.12, the position was up $280. The SPX went up more at 7.65, the position was up $1,725 for the total of $2,652.50 for the day!
Unlike yesterday the market barely moved, today April 29th, the market moved quite a lot. The NDX went up 35.30 points, the position made $605. The RUT went up 15.35 points, a huge move, the position made $410. The SPX went up 15.42, the position made $3,297.50. Total $4,312.50 for the day. As you can see there are a couple of cancelled orders without a filled order. I was trying to book some profits on the SPX but the market maker wouldn't give it to me. That's all right though, I will keep the positions and make more later. My motto: Sooner or later it will be mine!   
Fastfoward to May 3d. Oh, stop it!!!! Actually, don't stop! $3,955.00 for the day.
On May 6th, 2010, we had the largest intraday drop in history! The DOW dropped nearly 1,000 points in the afternoon. Those of you who think you know everything there is to know about non-directional strategies are probably thinking how much we have lost, just like many of the "options gurus" or "options genius" out there running the other websites and services. Well, if you can read the graph below. Tell me which way do you want the market to go? Up? Or down? I guess that depends on whether you just want to make a few thousand dollars on the trade or over $32,700? Personally, I like to have more money. But honestly, I am not worried about it. It's not up to me anyway. I just need to be able to sleep at night without having to worry about my trades no matter which way the market goes. Whether it decides to gap up 1 million points or drop all the way down to zero, I just collect my profits. That's all I care. (Secretly, though, I was hoping for the market to drop!) (*Advanced Class/Strategies only) 
This is what a good day looks like (*Advanced Class/Strategies only): 
Don't forget to take your profit when you have built a sizable amount! Once you close your position, the profits are yours to keep forever, no one  can take it away from you. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)  
May 19th, one more trading session before expiration. With not much time to expiration, made adjustments to give up the huge profits on the down side and moved it to the right, the market is not going to drop that much in such a short period of time anyway. Better take what you can get. The dilemma here is, should I close the trade and take $13,265.05 profit, or should I wait and see which way the market trades in the last session before expiration? If the RUT stays where it is, goes up 5.60 points or drops further tomorrow, I will make $15,194.66. If the RUT rallies to above 690, I will make $10,194.66. So how much will I make? Perhaps this is a good dilemma to have, make money or make more money.... (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
May 20th. As it turned out, the options fairy is smiling at me (or the angry Bear sculpture I bought on my vacation in Seattle this past weekend worked!) The market melted down on this last trading session, the DOW dropped 376.36 points, and the RUT gave up 34.36 points. I took the opportunity to adjust my position and added another $1,000 profit to the trade. If the market doesn't gap up over 40 points or gap down more than 30 points, which is extremely unlikely, I will be taking in $16,194.66 for the trade when settled. Not bad considering the drama we had in the past month (DOW dropped nearly 1,000 points intraday). (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
As it turned out, I did make the full profit of $16,194.66 on the trade. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
June 7th and 8th, two more weeks to go to the pay day. Up more than $11K in just those two days. It is setting up for another very profitable month. Note the DOW dropped 115 points on June 7th, and rallied 123 points on June 8th. Really doesn't matter for me though. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
June 18th 2010. Another great trade, another great month! $27,172.98 profit on this trade and the margin is only $9,314. Need I say more? (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
July 6th, 2010. After a wonderful 4th of July long weekend, the portfolio continued to perform so well, bring me passive income without me doing much, just enjoy life (and day trading!) Over $13K in open profit, and that was after booking about $2,500 early profits two weeks ago. The Theta will run in overdrive mode and kick in really fast in the next few days. The open profit is only about 1/3 of the maximum gain. It is shaping up to be another great month for me. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
July 7th, 2010, another great day or just another day? (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
July 8th, not a very exciting day, made a couple of trades to lock in profits. Ended the day with only $2,235 profits. However, you can put them together and see how much the portfolio is up in the last 3 days alone! Most of the profits are locked in with a potential to make even more in the next week! Another great month for sure at this moment! (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
July 16th, 2010, options expiration day, another great month as usual. Look at the screen shot below. Honestly, I have a hard time understanding TOS' statements and many different numbers (cash value, account value, etc....) I used to trade more symbols but lately only 3 as in this month. All the other symbols show 0% in P/L because I have no positions on them. The three that I have, the "Overall Totals" show "+42.73%", which puzzles me. Did I actually make over 42% this month? The RUT trade made nearly 50% by itself. If that's the case, all I can say is "Wow!" I also wonder how the % is calculated, probably take the profits and divide it by the margin used during the life of the trades (actually even this doesn't sound right...) Because I know I didn't make 42% on my entire account for the month (because I always start my trades with less than 10% of my entire account value on all 3 trades combined around 1.5-4% each, then build it up from there over time. I like to keep A LOT of reserve in my account just in case. Maybe if I am more aggressive and put more of my trading capital to work, I could make even more!?) Well, either way, whatever it means even if it's YTD, I think it is impressive. I never have to pick a direction or buy calls or puts. Never need to care much where the market is heading tomorrow or try to "pick a winner". That, for me, is the most valuable part about this trading method. It's the lazy man's way to make money and I am certainly lazy! The money? They come anyway. I don't have to worry about that. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
August 19th, one overnight session to expiration. I only had two small "summer trades" for the month. There was a serere thunderstorm in late July which flooded the house and took out the electricity for a week. Lost internet for nearly two weeks and I had to go to Starbucks to use their Wi-Fi and trade there. Placed two small trades prior to the incident and decided to just take it easy for the month. Fortunately, this kind of trading really doesn't take too much time to manage, and no matter how volatile the market is, with the strategies that I trade, it is really not that easy to lose money. My goal is never lose money, and just see how much the market is willing to give me. Not the tens of thousands I am used to make for the month, but still not bad considering what happened in my life and I didn't put any time in this at all. $430 shy of $10,000 (6,426+3,144). I will take it. NDX closed at 1823 and RUT closed at 610.96 on Thursday, August 19th. I have so much room for the market to gap in either direction. Really can't lose now.... (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Am I the only one who is good at this? Am I the super trader whose success can not be duplicated? Can you copy my success? Can any one learn to trade this way and do better than me? Let's hear what Iain has to say and how he did within the 4 months immediately after finishing both Tent Trading and Advanced Classes:
Dear all PBF Members etc
To all would be subscribers and/or current subscribers to PBF Products. Over the past year I have purchased all the Day Trading Indicators and attended both the Tent Trading Course and the Advanced Options Course. Let me detail my experiences of each below.
Firstly, I have been day trading for a number of years, with spread-bet platforms, set ups from other vendors of trading systems, options strategies etc and I did not find anything that suited me until I purchased the PBF trading system. I like to make quick decisions based on price etc and PBF indicators give me that. Other systems where one is waiting for a bounce of an MA or Pivot level, to get an entry are much more subjective, and were not clear enough for me. Also I dont like the fixed stops of many systems, as I hate losses like PBF define.  I will exit a trade if it does not move in my direction almost immediately.
I have issues day trading in that I take too many entries and PBF Support and I have exchanged over 100 emails on questions I have asked etc. The answer are always clear and cover questions raised by myself, AND I COULD NOT ASK FOR BETTER SUPPORT FROM ANY OTHER COMPANY I HAVE DEALT WITH. Also, it must take time for PBF to answer so many emails fully and completely as they do. My day trading issues is something I have to learn to deal with, as when I enter trades correctly and let them run to exits as defined by his systems I always make profits. Its when I overtrade and take late/incorrect entries that I make losses. I would not consider using any other Incicators.
Secondly, I attended both the PBF Option Tent Trading courses and this has changed everything I know about options and how to trade with them. Most courses cover the basics and how to read charts, understand the Greeks, trade with different strategies etc, but PBF takes you to a different level. You will learn how to manage different set ups, how to adjust trades, how to change losing trades into winners, how to get trades into a risk free status, so you cannot lose, and this is just the basic course. For the advanced course you learn even more strategies that offer profitable trades no matter what direction the market takes along with a very simple idea for never having a losing trade. This is genius. I recommend it to anyone.
Finally all the course documents have been written by someone who trades for a living and educates for a hobby. I have never learnt so much precise and concise trading information on any other course or from any other company.
Following the Advanced course, using a paper trading account on Think Or Swim, with a $200,000 account set to portfolio margining, I have made over $30,000 in the past 3 weeks. This is with all the large moves and volatility in the markets this month. This profit has only utilised 25% of my margin. This method of trading will set me up for life.
I cannot recommend PBF highly enough, and all the service feedback they provide.
Kind Regards
Iain Colquhoun, UK

[From PBF: Open profit of $30,914 on $49,357.71 margin, 62.63% gain in a bit over 3 weeks. Incredible if you ask me. Most people would die for 5% a month, and they usually die!] 
On July 6th, Iain sent another screen shot of his account statement. This time he has open profit of $83,155.00. This is after taking profits and closing out some trades in June I am sure. He is a hard worker. With a bit of study, you can do the same. Notice how we only trade the same 3 symbols over and over? Trading really can't be simpler than this, can it?
On July 8th, 2010, Iain sent a note to the Advanced Group with a note and a screen shot as the following:
"Dear all

Please see attached

Profit of 19810 from margin of 3428 on a RB from 24 May.


Regadrs iain"

* This is 578% return in 1.5 months with a NON-DIRECTIONAL way of trading! No straight calls or puts in the trade, no picking directions, no timing the market, none of that stressful emotions. As you can see, it is not just me, I truly believe any one can be successful trading this method if one is determined to learn. Iain had instant success because he studies hard. All resutts are verifiable and you will be able to communicate with other students when you join the Group.  (*Advanced strategy, PM account required).
So did Iain just have the beginner's luck or can the success be constant? Below is the account statement he sent on August 17th. $41,647.50 open profits with only 3 days to expiration!
Now let's recap.
Iain finished both classes on May 1st, 2010. He started trading immediately on Monday, May 3rd, and applied what he learned from both classes. Here is what his account looked like on May 27th. He had $26,170.50 open profit on $57,790.08 maring, which is a 45/28% ROI. Please note his account Equity on May 27th was $138,050.63.
Fastforward to June 30th, 2010. On this day, he had an open profit of $83,192.50 on $114,270.60 margin, which is a 72.80% ROI. Impressive. Please note his account equity was $172,025.12.
Skip to August 20th, 2010. His account equity was $208,383.96.
Now, at the end of August, 4 months after his graduation from the classes, his account equity had grown to $230,953.27. In other words, he had nearly doubled his account and made MORE THAN $100,000.00 in 4 months IMMEDIATELY after finishing the training.
In fact, I am being conservative by giving the above statement, because I don't know how much he had in his account on Monday, May 3rd, which was the first day he finished both trainings and started actively trading. But if we do the math: On May 27th, his account equity was $138,050.63 with open profit of $26,170.50, so let's say he started with $111,880.13 (138050.63-26170.50) on May 3rd. On August 31st, his account equity was $230,953.27, that's an increase of $119,073.14 (230953.27-111880.13), or 106.43% (119073.14/111880.13) gain. So we can possibly say that he made $119,073.14 profit from $111,880.13 capital and more than doubled his account in 4 months. But since I don't know the starting figure to be sure, let's be conservative and just say he made well over $100,000 and nearly double his account in 4 months. I think it's a fair statement. Impressive nonetheless.
Below is a video from Iain.
Below is a screen shot sent from Rick to the group. Using the one-day play teachinques taught in the class, Rick made $5,542.74 or 10.56% ROI in a very short time. Although the technique is for one-day trade, from the screen shot, I believe Rick probably held the trade for at least 2-3 days. It's always good to know students apply what they learned in the class to their own trading style. 10% in 2-3 days is a very good result indeed. 
So do you think you can do it, too? Or are you wondering how much trading was involved to make this kind of return? With this kind of profits, you probably think we must be very active, busy getting in and out of the market all day long? Wrong! There is really not much you can do. It's a boring way of trading, remember? Let me show you some of my weekly activities from my account statement, also from the last 4 months (take a look at the charts and you will see how "difficult" the market was from May to August 2010)  so you can see exactly how "busy" I was trading this method.
September 17th, 2010, another month, another pay day, another winner. But what else do you expect, right? Only winning trades here. NDX didn't make a whole lot, but it was a summer trade, I didn't invest a whole lot. $4,270 profit on $2,512 margin is not bad at all. 300 points cushion to the down side for the overnight session before settlement. Can't lose now.  (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
RUT also ended up very nicely with $9,560 in the green, well, unless the market tanks 10% over night, which is unlikely. As of this writing, the market is moving higher, and I have absolutely no up side risk. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Haven't updated this page for a while because I haven't been teaching much. Today is January 13th, 2011, only the 9th trading day for the new year. Below is a screen shot taken from my live trading account. So far this year, I have not opened any new trade except one for this afternoon, which means the new trade probably has not made any profit yet since we make money "over time".  The other trades are carried over from last year. In 9 trading sessions year to date, the portfolio has made $9,824.45 in profit, with an open profit of $45,814.47 on $79,495 margin. That's a 57.63% return on margin. Good start for the new year! 
Consistency is the key to make a living from trading. Without consistency, it's only gamble, and you will never dare to trade a huge contract size because you are "afraid". There is no fear in our method, only steady income. I "know" I will make profits month after month. I don't know how much I can make, but I know I will make money consistently, so trading 500 contracts, emotionally, is no difference than trading 5 contracts, only in theory, it's 100 times more profitable. This reminds me, so many "gurus" only show you their demo accounts. Even on their demo accounts, they trade small sizes, like in a few videos I saw, some forex gurus trade 0.1 lot on their demo accounts. What's up with that? Do you really expect to make a "living" trading 1 mini lot? Simply ridiculous.       
Here is a screen shot of the same account one week later on January 20th, 2011.
If you wing trade stocks, would it be nice to know that you can never lose no matter what happens to the company? Would it be nice if you can hold through all the news, events, earnings, etc, without the fear of what's going to happen? Below is a screen shot of my AAPL. The screen shot was taken after the close on January 20th around 7 PM EST. AAPL had some very interesting movements in the past few days. It closed at $348.48 on the 14th, then over the MLK long weekend, the CEO Steve Jobs announced a medical leave, the stock gapped down and opened at $329.52 on the 18th, continued lower to $326, only to rally back $14+ and closed at $340.65 for the day. Most of the weak hands were probably all got stopped out. It then announced good earnings after the close that day. Stock went above $355 during after hour trading. The next day it opened at $348.35, the sellers stepped in and sold the stock into loss by closing bell at $338.84, while the earnings blew expectations and they made some record sales. How do you make sense of the market really? And I wonder who really couldn't wait and bought the stock at $355! The next day on the 20th the market gapped down, rallied back to above breakeven, but sold off again when the broader market had a selling pressure that day. It went as low as $330.12, and closed at $332.68. So in a 3-day period, the stock went from $348, down to $326, back to $348, down again to $332. If you are a "disciplined" trader, I wonder how many times you were stopped out during these 3 days. Wouldn't it be nice to hold through these fluctuations without having to lose your sleep wondering what's going to happen tomorrow, if your long term outlook for the company is still bullish? What will it do for you on the psychological level knowing that while anything can happen, you can NEVER lose? What kind of comfort and confidence will that provide? From the screen shot below, you see that I currently have an open profit just above $5,000. I still have unlimited upside potential. But no matter what happens, even if Apple bankrupts tomorrow (which I don't think it will ever happen, but worst case scenario), I can NEVER make LESS than where the green line is. And over time, I can still raise the green line higher as the stock moves higher. This means I can make more, but I can never lose on the stock.Compare to the popular "Covered Call" strategy, which has limited upside potential but unlimited risk, my "hockey stick" looks much better! It flows in the mid air! You see, the market is a zero sum game. Those who "know" will just ruthlessly take money from those who don't. Would you really like to go into the market and fight them without appropriate knowledge and education? If you would, then like Tosh.O likes to say, "For that, I Thank You". Because one way or the other, you are paying me, you are providing the necessary liquidity for me to make money, you just don't know it yet, until now. You can either pay me to learn how to trade, or you can pay the market and try to figure it out on your own. I wonder which one is cheaper and more effective!? Hmm....  (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)            
January 21, 2011. Another month, another winning trade. By now you should get used to winning already, so this shouldn't be a surprise at all. When I saved the screen shot, I forgot to include the numbers. Sorry. This trade ended with $7,623 profit on $5,250 margin. The margin requirement was higher, but it decreses over time. As you can see, if the price goes up or down 10%, it doesn't affect my trade AT ALL! Magic! Recently I attended a guru's webinar. He sounds sincere and appears to know something. However, behind the sincerity, I was horrified. Because I think he is not telling the whole truth. He showed one trade that worked out which could easily go the other way. He also insists that losing is part of the game and you will have losses, which I agree, but not unless it is necesary. I am not saying I will never lose, because eventually I will. But if I only lose once every few years, I will be happy to take it. The reason why they lose more often than I do is, they pick a direction, which is exactly the problem. If you pick the wrong direction, no matter how fancy your strategies are, you might lose anyway. If you can pick a direction with laser like accuracy, congratulations, you don't need any of those fancy strategies. Just buy calls and puts and be a millionaire by Christmas.  (*Advanced Class/Strategies only) 
Found a screen shot with the numbers:
Friday, January 28th, 2011. Today the news broke during the trading session about the "Egypt Unrest", whatever that means. The market had a big sell-off. The Dow dropped 166.13 points, while NASDAQ got hit the most, down 68.39 points for the day. I own 200 shares of AAPL and 100 shares of AMZN. AAPL dropped $7.11 for the day. On top of the broad market sell-off, AMZN also reported disappointing earnings last night. It traded down $13.31 for the day. So as an owner of the stocks, I should get hit pretty badly, right? Not quite. While I did lose money, I really don't feel a thing. Why? Because at the closing bell, I captured the screen shot below. AAPL dropped $7.11, I own 200 shares, instead of losing $1,422, I only lost $44 for the day. AMZN tanked $13.31, I own 100 shares, instead of losing $1,331, I only lost $40. I lost less than someone who holds 5 shares of the stocks! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE, you ask??? It's the power of the options. Like I always say, if you know what you are doing, you don't need to get hurt. Unlike other "gurus" keep telling you that "losses are part of the business", or "if someone tells you he wins 100% of the time, run as fast as you can", as if they are so honest. Yes, losses are part of the business, but there is a difference between losing $44 owing 200 shares of a stock when it drops $7.11, and losing your pants. Well, they are honest all right. I shouldn't blame them. They just don't know what I know, that's all. If you really want to trade the markets, you really need to get proper education. You either pay to learn from someone, or pay the market and learn your "lessons". Which one would you prefer? I knew AMZN's earnings was coming out last night. I didn't know this "Egypt unrest" incident was going to happen today. No one can predict the future. But do I care? Not at all. I sleep like a baby all the time, when I sleep that is.
Just to clarify, I did NOT buy or sell any shares or options on these two symbols today, not at all. I didn't buy puts or short stocks today to cover my losses. The positions are the same as yesterday or last week. I do not day trade stocks. I put on a trade and I leave them alone to grow. I didn't perform any "trick" today to make the screen shot look nice. I didn't even look at them during the day today, because I really don't care. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only) 
Monday, January 31st, 2011. The Egypt unrest incident obviously didn't have any impact on our market.  It recovered from the heavy loss last Friday.  (*Advanced Class/Strategies only) 
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011. The DOW went up 148.23 points, SPX up 21.47 points, NASDAQ up 51.11 points, and completely reversed the heavy loss from last Friday.  The market goes up, the market goes down, who cares. I know I don't.  (*Advanced Class/Strategies only) 
Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011. Basically a very uneventful day. So since last Friday, we had a strong down day for a triple digit loss on the Dow, a strong up day and the Dow had a triple digit gain, a mild up day and a sleepy day. Whatever happens in the market, I don't really care. It is as if it doesn't concern me at all.
So today the DOW closed 1.81 higher, while the other indices traded slightly lower around 3 points. Very uneventful. Chicago had the third largest snow storm in history. I wonder how many traders actually got to the CME this morning on time. Anyways, let's break it down. AAPL made me $154 today when the stock was down TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.71. AMZN made me $43 today when the stock went up $1.42. SPY was down TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.255 and I made $7 on it. NDX was down 3.86 and my positions were up $1,530 for the day. RUT traded down 2.74 points and my Tents caught $352.50. SPX closed 2.56 points lower, yet I banked $1,740 on the day. Today I only traded two contracts, one on RUT and one on NDX, to lock in some profits. Nothing more. Everything else is the same as yesterday. And I don't eve play directionally. The portfolio takes care of itself.
By now, I am sure you are really sick at reading my updates and seeing my portfolio grow on a consistent basis. Nothing is new really. And honestly, I am also tired of updating my page with the same news, like a broken record that repeats the same music over and over. Well, but if the music is still beautiful, let it never stop. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Tuesday, February 15th, 2011. Since I don't really pay that much of attention to my portfolio every day, from time to time, I like to spend a bit more time on it and do some "house cleaning", open new trades, make adjustments and close some trades and book profits if I see fit. 99% of the time I will leave the trades to expire though. Today is one of those days. There is no particular reason why today is the day. I just felt like it. Made 14 trades. Two of them were orders to scale in on a trade, and one is to close that same trade for $850 profit in a couple of hours. Didn't intend to, but if they want to give me free money, I will take it. This part is not a skill, but pure luck (to even got filled)! Also opened several new trades as February expiration is around the corner. I have over $58K in open profit on less than $65K margin for a 90% ROI, very respectable I would say. 90% may be nothing compare with the occasional homerun you might hit playing directionally. The difference is I never care about the drection of the market, I don't even look at a chart before entering a trade, I just do, it can be any day, any time. And I win CONSISTENTLY without having to guessing or worrying about a thing. You can't achieve this playing directionally, unless you are really, really good (at guessing the direction and controlling your emotions. I know I am not good at either). 
It doesn't say "Paper Money" at the upper left corner, so you know this is a real, live account. In a few days I will post some graphs of expired trades for February. Stay tuned! (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Friday, February 18th, 2011. It's "that time of the month" again. Another expiration, another winning month, same old same old. I don't know if you are bored reading this page, but I am bored posting great results. Trust me, it will be like this month after month. 
NDX, smaller trade, finished at $5,382 on $900 margin. I don't know why I didn't put on a bigger trade for NDX for this month, probably because the trade on SPX is quite large.
RUT finished at $8,593 profit on $5,662.50 margin. The market can move up or down 10% or more and it won't affect me at all.So even flash crash happens over night, I can still sleep very well.
SPX, finished at $14,249.99 on $5,325 margin. The largest trade for the month. I have about 300 contracts on this trade actually.
Please note all trades above are done in a "portfolio margining" account, which means the margin requirements change daily according to how risky your trade is. Since my trades are almost risk free, the margin required will shrink daily especially when close to expiration. This means at some point during the life of the trades, the margin required could be a lot higher than what's shown here. So those 100-600% gain you see on the screen shots above are not always like this. This is due to the nature of the portfolio margining. Just want to point this out and don't want to mislead anyone.
Once again, I don't pick a direction, I don't care where the market goes, I don't care if the index is in an up trend or down trend, I don't care if the price is hitting resistance or sitting on support. I don't have an "outlook" and I don't guess where the market might go. I don't pick a sunny day to open my trades, or a snowy day for that matter. I don't even look at a chart before entering a trade. And as you can see from the numerous examples above, my trades are super wide and super safe. I don't pick the market, I do it on the same ones over and over. If you know a better, easier way than this to trade that can be consistently profitable, I will be happy to pay you and learn from you. I am serious.
On a side note, yesterday I attended an all day webinar hosted by another company. Don't want to name names. They did show you a lot of different styles and strategies throughout the day. Nearly 600 people attended the webinar. I am pretty sure some of them got headaches after learning so many different strategies, and most of them might be fascinated by what they saw. Not me. Why? Because whatever they do, they always require an "outlook" of where the market goes. I kept hearing "if you pick the direction correctly........." But that's exactly the point. No one can pick the direction correctly on a consistent basis. The problem is not the strategies, it's picking the direction. And if I can pick the direction correctly all the time, why do I even need any fancy strategies? This means even if you learn one million powerful strategies, if you pick the wrong direction, which is the reason why most people lose, then none of the fancy strategies will help you. But I guess most people are just too blind to see this. You can buy the stock, buy calls, have a bull call or bear call spread, a broken wing butterfly and back ratio combo super-sized plus an iron condor with hunch back and 10 legs to the upside if that's where you think the market is going to go, then the price drops, you lose money anyway. So.... What's the point? If the price hits resistance and looks like it's rolling over, does it really mean it will drop? Really? Are you sure? If I am the market maker, I will drive the price up to hit the obvious resistance, maybe break out by a few pennies to suck in those breakout traders' orders, and roll it over a couple of times, make it look like the resistance held, stop those people out and suck in those short orders at the same time, then I will reverse back up and stop out those shorts, too. All support/resistance levels are temporary. Nothing holds forever. You can apply daily, weekly, monthly pivots, Fibonacci retracement lines, horizontal support/resistance lines, trend lines, Andrew's pitchfork, round numbers, and find one million "confluences" on the same spot, it still doesn't mean it will hold. Maybe it will hold for a day, maybe it will hold for 3 days, maybe it will hold for a week, maybe it will hold for a year, maybe it will be broken just like that, right? Can you argue with me on this one? I guess you can't. So the real problem is, if a strategy requires you to have an outlook, that's the root of the problem, the outlook, not the strategy. And if I know for sure a stock will go up $10 from here, I have many simple ways to make profits on it, no need for those fancy ones. Make sense? I wonder how many of those 600 people would actually find this web page, read this paragraph, and realize there is a better way!? Probably not many. If you are one of them, consider yourself lucky. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only) 
Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011. Another interesting day. Today the market sold off. The NDX tanked 69.61 points, almost 3% on the day. The SPX dropped 27.57 points, more than 2%, and the RUT dropped 21.86 points, which is 2.62%. The last time the market tanked this much was due to the "Egypt unrest" less than a month ago. This time it is Libya and the spike in oil price. This is what I am talking about. You just never know what's going to happen when. No matter how bullish you were last week, no matter what your indicators told you on Friday, if you play directionally last Friday on weekly options thinking the bull market is well and healthy as most analysts say (even over the long weekend), most likely you got killed today. Do you really want to pay someone to tell you to use a stop, or would you prefer someone to show you how to make money without having to care about the market direction at all? See what happened to my portfolio? Take a look below! Apple Computer stock continued to fall with the broader market today, since they published AAPL CEO Steve Jobs pictures about his health last week. The stock went down another $11.95 today, that's another 3.41% drop, very steep, yet my position on AAPL is up $696.70 for the day. Amazon also went down 3.26%, my AMZN position is probably not positioned very well. Have to take another look tomorrow. It lost $46 today when the stock dropped $6.08. It's like I lost less than someone who holds 8 shares of the stock, so no big deal. NDX made $2,755 for the day, RUT gained only $140, while SPX was up $3,315 for the day. I have very low Delta for the entire portfolio, yet a ton of Theta. Did I know the market was going to fall today? Of course not. Did I position myself for bearish moves? No, I didn't. I simply don't care. I only made one trade on AAPL today to lock in some profits, didn't touch any of the other potisions (there are a couple of GTC orders for AAPL and AMZN though). I actually don't like to make trading decisions on a big move day like this, because who knows what's going to happen tomorrow? Maybe this big drop is all but a joke, maybe this time it is (finally) something serious, the correction the other "gurus" have been warning you in the past 5 months (and been wrong the entire 5 months), we will see. But honestly, I don't care. I don't trade directionally. The market can go either way for all I care. All I do is manage my risk (until it's risk free) then sit back and collect my profits. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011. AAPL is really my favorite stock! Yesterday it went down $11.95 and I made $696/70. Today it went up $4.01 and I made $650.50. Simply awesome! Whichever it goes, I win! (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Thursday, February 24th, 2011. Today the market sold off again, but in the afternoon it staged an unbelievable recovery. The DOW went down 37.28 points, SPX is lowered by bearly 1.30. NASDAQ closed 14.91 points higher, RUT went up 4.53 points. AAPL closed TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.26 higher, and AMZN gained $1.07. While AAPL is almost unchanged, I still made another $213 on the day. 3 days in a row, you see the stock went down hard, went up, unchange, doesn't matter. I just collect my profits. I actually closed part of the weekly trade at the wrong time, otherwise I could have made more. But could have, would have, should have will not take you anywhere. I made money anyway, so I am not complaining. Had I look at the chart at the time, I might have waited. But since I am so lazy and don't even bother looking at a chart before making a trade, that's just the price to pay for laziness.
So, is the "correction" over? Will the sell off stop? Is the market going higher tomorrow? Who knows? And who cares. Certainly not me. The market will do whatever it wants to do and go wherever it wants to go. I don't really care. I just want to grow my accounts in my sleep and let the market do whatever it wants. I have no control anyway, no one has. (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)  
Friday, February 25th, 2011. Today is Friday, when the weekly options expire. The advanced strategies work the same way on weekly or monthly optionis. In fact, I usually have positions from one week to several months out in time in my portfolio. "Diversify in time". Below is a screen shot of a play I made on AAPL weekly options. As you can see, it looks the same as my other monthly trade screen shots, the stock can really move up or down 10% and it doesn't matter for me. I just make the same amount of money when it gets to the finish line. Can a stock move 10% in a week? Sure. But is it likely? Not quite. And of course I am not going to play this particular strategy during earnings week. And actually, my breakeven points are more than 10% away (you can't see it from the screen shot), sometimes I have breakeven points more than 20-30% away on my monthly trades. And if the stock does move that much, all the better. Because with an easy adjustment, I could make a lot more.  (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)
Below is a screen shot of the portfolio from today. Not really a big jump today, but sooner or later it will get to the finish line and all profits will be mine. I am not really in a hurry.
Monday, February 28th, 2011. It's the last day of the month. I am glad my account ended this month on a high note. The account just grows and grows and grows...... Same old, same old!
Tuesday, March 1st, 2011. It's the first day of the month. Good start of the month!!
Friday, March 18th, 2011. Another expiration day, another winning cycle!! The market has probably scared a lot of people this past week. Japanese market opened on Monday for the first time after the earthquake and lost 16% of its market value in 2 trading sessions. Our market, of course, is not immuned. Oil price spiked, the unrest in Lybia saw no end. There are a lot of uncertainties in the world today and the market doesn't like uncertainties. Tech sector tumbled. AAPL was downgraded for no reason. It was chaotic. But the market managed to recover a bit at the last two sessions.
However, I wasn't afraid. With my methodology, the market can move a lot before I even need to have any concern at all. Look at the screen shots below. The first one shows how much my account is up for the day. The following 3 screen shots show how much each symbol fared for the cycle ending today. $13,681 profit for NDX, $11,301.99 for SPX, and $8,489.01 for RUT. That's $33,472 total profits for almost no work at all. As you can see, even if the market moves 10%+ up or down, it doesn't affect me at all. I still make the same amount of money. This really gives me peace of mind. In fact, very often my breakeven points will be 15%, 20% or more away. Mathematically I almost can not lose. Safety always come first. But for strategies this safe and stress-free, normally you won't be able to make any money. Not the case with my strategies. At the very bottom, I also put the very same strategy on AAPL, worked just the same. The margin, however, seems to be a bit higher, $3,232 profit on $7,144.40, not as god as the others. However, as mentioned earlier, the margin required to hold the trades will change daily. At one point of the trades' lives, the margin would possibly be quite a bit higher than shown here.  
Also, recently I have invented a new way to trade, and I had started to take profits along the way, instead of holding trades all the way till expiration like I did in the past years. Sometimes it is possible to make 10% to 25% in a day, a few days or a couple of weeks. So I figured why not take the profits, close the trades, because I can always open new trades. This is possible because I designed a new strategy. I, and students in my trading group, have been using GTC orders to book profits. Once I open a trade, I can send out another GTC order to close my trade with a certain % profit. If the profit taking order is filled on the same day, great. If it takes a few days or longer, so be it. I will keep it and milk it like I always do. Either way I make money. The longer I hold the trades, the more I can milk them. So it's all good! That said, from now on, I might not be able to post those "impressive" open profits on expiration days, because I would have taken profits several times within a cycle. A student said this is like day trading now! But it is not. It is still very passive! Just one order to open a position, another GTC order to close it with profit. It's a GTC order so who is watching!   (*Advanced Class/Strategies only)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011. It's interesting to see how my account value goes up so steadily in the last few days and I didn't even do much of anything. My equity made a new high for the year yesterday and it topped that again today. Today I make one adjustment and closed one trade, yesterday I made one adjustment and opened one trade, that's it, yet my account went up several thousand a day, probably because of the newly developed strategy. As mentioned earlier, I have been closing trades these days because of the new strategy, instead of holding my positions all the way till expiration like I always did before. Here is a trade I closed today and booked $2,815. Funny thing is, I have opened and closed the same trade before just a couple of weeks ago, also booked another few thousand. And after this trade was closed today, I immediately tried to open the exact same trade, for the 3rd time, however it didn't get filled today. I will try again tomorrow.
And I realized that after the expiration last Friday, I actually don't have a lot of money at work. Right now I am only putting $15K of my account at work. Funny thing is, I have $15K open profit as well! That's 100% ROI, all while I am not doing much of anything.
Later in the day at the closing bell, the P/L day went up to $6700. I must say this is indeed the easiest way to make money from trading, ever.
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011. What a week!! I didn't really mean to brag, which is why I didn't post everyday, but now I couldn't resist it. First in the morning, a GTC order got filled on an NDX trade with $2200 profit. It was a trade for June. Remember I closed one for May yesterday for profit of $2,815? You guessed right! I opened the same trade again today.
At the end of the day, it looked like this:
If you want to see what happened on Monday, March 21st, which I didn't post, it was like this:
If you want to see what happened last Thursday, March 17th, which I also didn't post, it was like this:
So there you have it. That's one week's worth of trading, from last Thursday to this Wednesday. If you don't believe me, perhaps you could check the statement against the price of AAPL, see if it goes up or down on the day. AMZN has been dropping like a stone since the double top and has dropped more than $30 I think. I don't really know because even though I hold the stock, I don't pay attenion to it, I don't look at the chart. All I know is that since the high, I have contructed it the way so that if it drops, I won't lose much of anything, it it pops again, I will resuming the money making. Any one who trade stocks really need to learn how to trade this way. I can hold through earnings and don't care which way the stock is going to pop for how much. Peace of mind is the huge added bonus for this method.
Actually, what I really meant to say is, if you don't believe me, don't bother contacting me. I am not so eager to teach anymore. It was fun and all and I feel like I have changed a few peoples lives, but.... The way I see it, you need me more than I need you. If my account goes up several thousands a day, how much do you think this method is worth to you? And I don't want to deal with non-believers. I doubt if any one has a better and easier way to make money. If you do and don't mind sharing with me, I will pay you "enough" to make you worthwhile, just prove it to me and tell me how much is "enough". If you are so skeptical to the point that you think I spend an hour after the closing bell everyday "photoshopping" those screen shots, you really need to see a doctor. LOL!
This has to be one of the better weeks I have had, and I was very sick in the past two days (could it be the raw oysters I ate? Food poisoning?) and have been sleeping most of the days (good timing though, as the ES market was painfully slow and in a narrow range during the day sessions). Now a bit of disclaimer: Of course not every day will be like these. Of course some days the account equity might temporarily go down. If it's "open profit" and trades are not closed, of course you could still lose the profit (temporarily). But 1. I know exactly what the maximum gain will be come expiration so I am not worried. "Sooner or later it will be mine" is my motto, I just pay attention to my risk and manage it properly, and 2. this is the reason why I am not always holding my positions till expiration like I did in the past, now I open and close positions, so I can "recycle" my margin and make thousands over and over per trade, instead of trying to make 5-digit gains by completing a monthly cycle. I am not sure over a long time whether I will make more or less, but from the past week, it looks like I will make more, as evident that my account equity has made new highs several days in a row! A student just emailed and told the group (archived, verifiable) that he made 19% on his entire (and large) account YTD, which has already beaten the entire year's gain from his managed account last year by quite a bit of margin, and last year was a good year for the stock market. So it is not just me who is making money. And he still has 9 more months to go to make this year his best year in his trading career. Oh, and he also noted "No stress"! Which is very true. We don't care about the unrest in Middle Asia or Africa, where the oil price is going, etc. We just do our thing. Same thing over and over and over again..... Same symbol, same trade, same strategy, GTC orders so no chart, no timing, no staring at the monitor, no stop, nothing like that, just profit. 
By the way, if you are thinking I must have been really busy getting in and out of the market in the past week to make profits like these, you'd be wrong. To prove that I really didn't do a whole lot, here is a screen shot from my "Trade History" for the last 8 days. So you can see what I really did with this account, pretty much not much.  I got a lot done today but nothing much for the past week. Some of them were GTC orders, too.
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What are the benefits trading this method?
  1. It is extremely easy to learn. It is all about simple math. Putting 1 and 1 together, you will always get 2. EVERYONE can learn this method and be successful at it (provided if you know the answer to1 + 1. Okay, maybe it is a bit more "complicated" than that. If you can solve this problem, you are qualified to change your life: 105+5-103= ?). .
  2. There is no interpretation required. You don't need to have a bias on the market directions, you don't have to have an opinion where the market is heading, you don't have to worry about whether the market will gap up or down tomorrow. It is a Non-Directional strategy which means we make money whether the market goes up, down, or sideways.
  3. It is extremely low maintenance. Once you get a hang of this method, all it takes is a few minutes to set up a tent, then you simply sit back and wait to be paid. If you want to check on your positions every day, you can do that. A quick glance at a graph is enough to know whether your positions are alive and well. Most of the time, you do not have to do anything. If your position is threatened, then perform an quick adjustment to move the tent, this usually brings a potential losing trade back to a winner again, and increase the profit potential at the same time. Sometimes you can even book some profits while doing so. (It is an OPPORTUNITY if a trade goes against us, NOT a disaster!)
  4. Your timing doesn't have to be perfect. This is not a Day Trading method. A tick or two is not that critical. There is a period of time each month when we set up our Tents to capture profits. You can do so in the morning, in the afternoon, during your lunch break if you have a day job. You will have to set up your Tents within these few days to maximize your profits while minimize your risk. Setting it up early doesn't always mean you will catch more profits. You can trade this from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connections, even when you are on vacations!
  5. Extremely high win rate. Coupled with low maintenance, these were what attract us in the first place. Every one hates to lose. This totally satisfies our egos! We can not think of any other method that has such a high win rate and requires so little time. Every time we put on a trade, we KNOW with great confidence that we WILL be paid a certain amount of money on a certain day. You know everything ahead of time and you will have a battle plan. There is really not much thinking involved. It's all common sense (and simple math). 
  6. Once you learn this trading method, you are set for life. I will not promise you that you will never have a losing trade or become a millionaire over night. In fact, it is impossible to become a millionaire over night trading this method, but it is possible to become one in a few years, if you have a good size account to begin with (the amount of money you can make is limited to the size of your account). This is a long term wealth building strategy. Sure, you can make more money faster with day trading (which we will never give up) if you are good at it, but consider the time required to make PBF Tent Trading, you don't need to stare at your monitor all day long. What if you get sick (like I am right now...) and couldn't day trade? What if you go on vacations? Each day you don't sit in front of your computer trading, you actually lose money which you could otherwise be making. Did I mention for each day you hold onto the Tents, you are awarded some profits? Even on weekends and holidays. If you make money day trading, you can still diversify with PBF Tent Trading. If you are not making at least 10% per month on your account, you should really consider PBF Tent Trading. (10% is our minimum goal, sometimes we make more, much more). If you have a full time job, this is definitely something for you. This is something once you learn, you can teach your spouse, your children, your family how to do the same thing. Because every one (with basic math skills and a clear mind) can do this!
  1. It's Boring.
  2. It's Really Boring.
  3. It's Really, Really Boring.
  4. It's a Boring way to Make Money. (Keep your day trading career.....)
  5. It won't make you millions of dollars in a month.
  6. Unfortunately, this is not like trading Forex that you can open an account with $500 and turn it into $500,000 in a year. (Yeah, like many people are really achieving this. Too many scammers with false advertisements in the trading world that brainwash people to have unrealistic expectations ....) To make any meaningful return, you have to have a good size account, at least a few thousand dollars. You can never make money "in a hurry" with this method. (Or with any method for that matter.....) Once again, it's all about percentages, the amount of money you can make is limited to the size of your account.
PBF Tent Trading is NOT for you if you....
  1. want thrill and actions. It is not a day trading system. There won't be a lot of trades to make or actions to take.
  2. only have $500-$1,000 in your trading account and have bills to pay next month. If you only have that, try day trading forex or Futures, if you have a good system (may I recommend PBF System?) know what you are doing, and can control your emotions.  Since the amount you can make from Tent Trading is limited to the size of your account, it will probably only make sense if you have at least $3,000-$5,000 beginning capital in your equity/options account. Unless you want to learn the method and be prepared for the future.  
  3. want to "get rich quick" and double your money in a month. This method will NEVER be able to achieve that due to its nature. There is a good chance you might be able to double your money or better in a year, but you can never double your money in a month or two, or three!
  4. are really, REALLY bad at math! (Just kidding! In fact, your computer and platform will do most of that for you. But it helps if you are good at math and logic!)
  5. think you know what this method is all about. If you think you know the ins and outs of this method, all the tricks and variations, or if you think you can do all the research on your own, pay the tuition to the market and learn from your own mistakes over time, (there is nothing wrong with that. That's how I learnt after all), or if you think you can find a cheaper educational package out there with incomplete information which is good enough for you, then please don't sign up. There is only one of me and I can only take care of so many people at a time. I'd rather spend my time with those who are genuinely interested and committed to learn, those who focus on how to make their investments back in a few weeks, rather than worrying about how much this is going to cost them. All it takes is 3 weekends to learn this method. Also, if you are extremely skeptical and hard-headed, think this is too good to be true, think this can't be done even after viewing all the hard evidences on this page, like that one idiot who emailed me ("no offense", because that's what he is. Unfortunately, statistics say most traders lose money. Some people read a couple of books about options trading, bought some cheap packages, and they think they know everything there is in the world about trading options. Put up a couple of trades and lose money, then they immediately think it does not work, will never work, and on their journey to find the next can't-lose system. But hey, if no one takes the other side of my trades, I won't be able to make money. For that, I thank them!), then please don't sign up and don't waste my time. Those who think it can't be done should not disturb those who are doing it. Go hang out on forums and find fellow losing traders as your supporting group. This place is for winners only. (Wow, I can be mean! LOL!)     
PBF Tent Trading is for you if you.....
  1. want a low maintenance, consistent way to profit from the market.
  2. understand that patience is a virtue and understand that if you manage the risk, the profit will take care of itself, literally, for Tent Trading.
  3. have self-direct IRA accounts and would like to have a better return than what you could get from savings or money markets. Especially a lot of people think this bear market rally can not sustain and it is near its end. Better be prepared for the down turn.
  4. understand that long term wealth is built over time. Tent Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even if you only make 10% per month, consistently, it's 120% a year, none compound. If you are able to double your account every year, in 5 years, a 10K account would grow to $20K-$40K-$80K-$160K-$320K. In 7 years you would have more than $1 million. I really don't want to say this because you might think this sounds likes a hype, impossible, or too good to be true, or it reminds you many websites you have visited before that delivered broken promises. Look, I don't have a crystal ball, I can't see what is going to happen in the future in the markets, none of the services that offer trading singals can. It's all just educated guesses. ALL other trading systems try to predict the future, all other trading methods require you to have an opinion about what is going to happen and pick a direction, determine when a move might be ending and exit your position without leaving too much on the table. But we don't have to, we don't need that. This is the fundamental difference. We simply manage the risk and let the profit take care of itself.   
  5. want a peace of mind, a trading method which allows you to have absolute no emotional attachment. Because with Tent Trading, you will always have a plan, ahead of time. You will always know what to do if the market moves against you. There will always be a finish line when you have to take your profit. So there is no fear, no greed. PBF Tent Trading will never be the fastest way to make money (this is relative I guess, depending on how much you are making from your CDs, day trading, or day jobs). But if you can trade without emotion, I think it's priceless. And I am not talking about some kind of training in trading psychology. It is due to the nature of Tent Trading. It's about math, logic and common sense. If you want to make money, or if you don't want to lose money, when "this" happens, "that" will be the only logical action to take. There is really not much of a gray area. You will be able to sleep at night and no more worries about what is going to happen tomorrow. We don't predict the future, only react to the market when necessary.  
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Note: ALL screen shots on THIS web page were captured from Thinkorswim platform. It has a lot of excellent tools and perfect for what we do. There is no special software or program needed for Tent Trading. If you have PBF indicators, all the better (you may notice that I did not post one single chart on this page, and I am not going to......) If you don't, I will show you how to use some standard indicators for our Tent Trading purpose. Good news for Apple lovers because it runs on Mac computers as well! It has cutting edge analytical tools and intuitive order entry templates which make our Tent trading a lot easier. In addition to an excellent platform, commission rate is also important for us because we will be trading a large quantity of contracts (eventually for you, too). We have negotiated with "the man" at Thinkorswim for a special commission rate for all PaintBarFactory.com Tent Trading customers. You pay a quarter more than I pay per contract at $1.50 (sorry, tried my best but couldn't do better... If your will trade a large volume, this can still be negotiated)! Also, if an options is worth TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.05 or less, you can get out of it commission free. If you want to receive this special rate, simply email your account number or user name when you are about to fund your account to PBFTentTrading@paintbarfactory.com, and we will arrange this low commission rate with them for you. If you decide to take the training on PBF Tent Trading, it is highly recommended that you download the platform and familiarize yourself with it. You can paper trade with it as well. We will use this platform in the training and show you how to get most out of it for our purpose.
I knew little about options going into this course, but after only two weeks of paper trading, my $10,000 account was up $1,035...a whopping 10% in only two weeks!!!  The basic method can be taught in only 10-15 minutes, but this course covers all the explanations, nuances and contingencies.  As traders, we have to be prepared for every possible scenario, so I really appreciated all the detail in the course.
The select few who are going to learn this method will be very happy they did.  The potential make back your investment many times over is huge.  Customer service is the BEST in the business!  All my questions were answered in a friendly timely manner.  
I have taken a lot of seminars, and bought countless books, software, courses, and systems relating to trading, but this course is head and shoulders above the rest.  You start making paper trades right after the first session, and by the next week, your account is making money.  The beauty of this method is that it doesn't matter if the market is going up, down or sideways...you can still make money!  I give this course my highest  AAAAA+++++ recommendation.
- Laura F., Los Angeles, CA
Dear PBF
Just want to say Thank You Very Very Much for holding the PBF Tent Trading Seminar. For someone who has little knowledge about trading like me can't believe that I was able to set up my own Tents which already show up some profits after the first session of paper trading!! This is amazing!! I live in Asia and have to get up 4AM in the morning for the live training, but it's so worth every minutes of it!! Because what you offer with this method is priceless!!
Thanks a million!! and I know I will be able to make a million eventually with PBF Tent Trading method!!
C. J. Weng
Hi! This is to note how great both Paintbar Factory and the new tent trading class are. I've tried trading stocks, options, forex and futures over the last 10 years to limited success. Now, after using Paintbar Factory, I feel like I finally found the "missing link" in my trading. My only regret is that I didn't have it earlier. When I first ordered and paid for it, I remember thinking, "What have I done?! That's lots of money and how do I know I'm even going to get anything of value?" Trust me, it really works WELL and PBF has held my hand the whole way in my learning process. Actually, it's not hard to learn, but I'm terribly stubborn and that hasn't helped.
Same with the tent trading class. I had researched [xxxxxxx] several years ago and thought that they sounded great. However, the actual execution of the trade was another matter. After losing more than winning, I gave up that trading strategy. Then, when I heard that PBF was offering a class on it, I jumped at the chance. I knew how well PBF did with their indicators, so I was excited to see how much I could learn about [xxxxxxx]. And it worked. I was up 12.6% after the first week in paper trades, and I really didn't know precisely what I was doing! However, the best part for me was session 3 and learning about [xoxoxox] in on [xxxxxxx]. With PBF's help, it's really easy and really profitable! Definitely the best tent trading class out there!
Thanks again.
Colleen N.,
Fairfax, VA
Thanks a million for the fantastic PBF Tent Trading course.  I have taken many stock trading courses over the years, but this was definitely the best.  Most give information, but you are still left wondering how to apply it.  Your approach of teaching, homework assignments, Q&A, review and then on to the next step takes the learning to an entirely different level.  I feel ready to use what I have learned and start making money.
I’ll continue to follow your training and tremendous indicators.
Best for 2010,
Steve R.
Hi Sebastian! Thanks again for the Saturday class! I'm still mulling over the possibilities, and they are astounding! I'll let you know what I come up with. By the way, attached is the screen shot of the 2 ICs where I got 41% on. If you need more of the detail for your website, let me know.
Right now, I'm thinking about just doing 3 types of trades: Legging in on ICs, earnings plays and land mines! I may forget day trading altogether! See how much you are influencing your class! YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks again!

For a long time I was biased against options believing them to be boring, overcomplicated and for professional traders only. Sebastian and his remarkable Tent Trading Course has made me completely change my mind about options trading, and has in the space of only two weeks taught me, a real options novice, a very safe and profitable way of trading options requiring only ten minutes or so a day to trade successfully. After two weeks you will have the ability to papertrade or even live trade successfully making at least 10% gain per month if not more which when compounded yields a 200% clear profit after a year (not to mention a staggering 3000% over three years !). In his three webinars over the course of two weeks Sebastian goes through everything you need to know even as a complete novice to learn not only his options trading system but how to use the best platform available which makes the whole trading process so simple. He will teach you a stress free technique with low risk which puts the odds massively in your favour right from the start, and allows you to profit in any market conditions, whichever way the market is going and whatever it throws at you. The course fee is modest compared to what some other organizations are charging, and Sebastian's support and committment to his students is second to none. An excellent manual is supplied with each seminar which covers everyhting taught and Sebastian will also make sure that you do your homework papertrading on the trading platform so that you come out of the course with the ability to actually trade. You achieve all that after only two weeks !. I personaly would give this course the highest rating, and I will definitely be trading options using the techniques I learnt in the Tent Trading Course. Highly recommended for anyone from novice to experienced trader who wants to make consistent money in options.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  27th February 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Paul H, London UK 
To PBF Support Team

I would be most honored if PBF will post in their testimonial pages what I am about to convey below as I do feel that the high levels of professionalism and support exhibited by you and your team deserves public acknowledgement.

I have been trading options for a few years now and have also completed an advanced options trading course in the past. Recently, I was considering enrolling in the PBF Tent Trading course as I was keen to build further on my current knowledge-base on options within this area of non-directional trading. As such, I wrote to the support team at PBF expressing my interest in taking the PBF Tent Trading course. What impressed me most was that, prior to the enrollment, the support team at PBF made the effort to inquire into my current levels of understanding in order to ensure that the course requirements offered by them would meet my needs. After several email exchanges, I was told that this course would not be necessary for me to partake given my present understanding of the trading instrument.

Based on the above, it is clear that PBF has a more important agenda than merely generating further sales on their product.  Their keen interest in ensuring that their offerings would indeed meet their customers' needs before anything else, demonstrates a genuine level of commitment and respect afforded by PBF toward their customers as well as the upholding of a strong sense of honesty and integrity within themselves as human beings.  This is indeed, rare.  As such, the exhibition of these worthy values within the central business ethos of PBF is to be applauded.

Furthermore, I also own the complete set of PBF software indicators. Since purchasing the software, the level of customer support continues to astound me.  They have always been there to assist since day one of my purchase.

To all at PBF Support Team, please accept my good wish of great success in all that you do.  May your work continue to flourish.

K.C. (Australia)
I hope this finds you well.
First, thank you for the sharing your knowledge with us. I had been "dabbling" with options for over a year. I started with reading a few books, filling my desktop with shortcuts to interesting sites, articles, methods, ideas, but the more I researched, the more frustrated and confused I became. I knew I wanted to be a seller primarily, somewhat conservative. A method with advantageous risk reward ratio.
So, I looked at several "Services" and "Option Training Programs" looking for an answer. I wasn't to impressed with what I found. some systems that I liked didnt "train" you, just providing "heres the trade". what I was looking for was, "heres a method to make this trade"
And I have been burned before.
Back to "surfing the web". which led me back to PBF. Read your Tent page, it seemed like the method I was looking to learn, and as I have purchased from PBF before, I knew the Products and customer service were exemplary. so, I drank the "Kool-aid"
Boy was it tasty! I am so pleased that i did. it is so hard to find value. From all the programs that are available. PBF tent training is a bargain. You told us 3 weeks, 3-4 hours each. the second lesson ran over 5 hours, because you were completely committed that we all understood that weeks training.
I have spent 100's of hours trying to "train" myself. I learned more in those 3 Saturdays and the homework and your daily follow-up's than I could have imagined possible.
And after completing the training, we are not left alone. I sent you a question yesterday, and today i have not only an answer, but the logic that led to it.
I am so happy to have taken the class and to be part of this group. I would strongly recommend PBF to anyone considering trading options. Its a Bargain.
Thank you.
Dave P., FL

Woaa¡¡ what a 3 weeks, there is a lot of info to digest and my pencil is empty..


Really taking this course was a real faith jump. My english is very simple and hearing english and with americans for me is nearly impossible.


I would like point out that after several mails trying to take this course, PBF owner, always recommended don't take webinar because my big problem in hearing english but I felt that this time all effort was important.


I always appreciate your reserve about taking this course because you really talk very fast but surprisingly your voice was loud & clear and helped with a very good microphone gives me a smooth learning experience.


An important point for me at least was that you always follow your fantastic manuals for each week and i could follow very well practically more than 80% of all conversation.


About Tent course, i think that is very easy if i follow your guides and only with your basic strategies i can make a monthly income without excitations how day trading, but with your fabulous PBF indicators that i own also ;), my day trades are much more easy and profitable after June 2010 when i was found to you.


I only could recommend for all foreign traders, investors to discover this site (PaintbarFactory.com) and over all the fabulous guy that teach you an revolutionary method as if were playing a little toy'¡¡.   But is a real LIFE CHANGER. I'm start to feeling how big and good is this method.


About support is only FANTASTIC, Generous, Kind, i never see this HIGH Quality and i had taken several courses , i know what i say.


With all my deepest thanks.


Alberto C.


More details below:   
........is PBF Tent Trading?
It's a high probability, low maintenance way to trade the markets. We construct a trade by "setting up a Tent". If the market behaves well and stays inside this Tent, we just wait to be paid. Average hold time is between 30-40 days. At the time we construct a trade, we already know how much we could make from this trade per contract, what our maximum risk is, what is our margin requirement, how much time we will hold the trade. If the market gets naughty and tries to escape from the Tent, we move the Tent with it and keep it inside (trade adjustments). As long as the price is inside the Tent, we do not care which direction the market is going. We make money no matter the market goes up, down, or sideways. We can set the tent wider or narrower, we can set up for a longer term, or a shorter term, it all depends on the profit objectives. In other words, how much do we want to make from this trade, and whether it is worth it.
...... PBF Tent Trading?
1. High Probability. Good for those who with big egos and emotionally incapable of cutting losers short (because you don't have to). 90%+? I think so. Probably higher. And most of the time you can "fix" the other 10% and be profitable still, by moving the Tent.
Is this a hype? I know what you are thinking. I, too, have read websites after websites on "high probability systems" and I read those pages only for entertainment purpose. But think about it, there are fundamental differences between the others and PBF Tent Trading. For one, we don't have to pick a direction, the market can go either way, or not move at all; we don't need a precise point of entry, just set a tent around the current price; and we have a wide margin for error, we can be wrong and still make money. Well, I thought I said "for one"..... This is not something that requires your interpretation of the market, economy, or indicators. None of that. We can be "close enough" and still make money.
So, if you can win without having to pick a direction, or a precise entry point, can be wrong about what you think about the markets and still be right, is 90% win rate possible? I think so. Probably higher.    
2. Low Maintenance.
Sure, any system can tell you it "Only takes 15 minutes a day", "Set it and Forget it" (as you can see, I really like to visit those websites!!) What they didn't tell you is, it only takes 15 minutes a day to lose money, set it and forget it so you don't dwell on how much drawdown you are sitting on, and how much you have lost last night and the night before..
The fundamental difference is (here we go again), with PBF Tent Trading, there is really nothing you can do if the price remains centered in the Tent. There is nothing you CAN do even if you want to! What can you do really? Maybe pick up your kids' crayon and start drawing a tent on your computer screen?!!! If the market begins to run away like a naughty boy and tries get away from the Tent in ONE direction, then we move the Tent with it and catch it again. If the market behaves like a bi-polar, that's even better for us!!! For the life of a trade, we might not need to do anything at all, just wait to be paid. We might need to move the Tent once, or twice, depending on what the market is doing. 
Essentially, we get paid to wait. We make money by waiting. What will you do when you wait is entirely up to you: Enjoy your freedom, set up a real tent in your back yard, spend time with your family, watch sunset by a river, rescue a deer in the forest from a lion, help an elderly cross the street, all that cheesy stuff other websites talk about, it's all okay. Just don't touch the trade if there is nothing wrong with it!   
3. Consistent Return
Will you become a millionaire in a year trading this method? I highly doubt it. Unless you have a huge account to begin with. But this method will generate consistent monthly cash flow using very little time as discussed above. I won't tell you to quit day trading if you are doing very well with that. I won't quit day trading mysef of course (what will I do then?) But since this takes so little time, just put the trades on once or twice a month, and all you need is check the progress a few minutes a day. Or if you remember your breakeven points, you don't really need to look at a chart, just know if the price has come close to one of the two breakeven points. Pure math. Simple. 
You will not get rich over night, but you will grow wealth over time. I know I will grow mine with this method. Can you think of a better way? Put your money in the bank and earn 1-3% interest A YEAR? Or invest in real estate while interest rate is low, and hopefully make 100% in 10 YEARS? (Good for those who enjoy dealing with late payments, vacancies, repairs, advertisements, shopping for new toilets and bathtubs, replacing roofs, favorite store is Home Depot kind of guys and gals!) 
Let's say you have several terrible months in a row and ONLY make 5% per month. Non-compounding, even this would be 60% a year. I don't see any CD paying that. If you compound your profit, then, I don't know, it has to be more than doubled (my math isn't that good!) 5% can be $500 or $5,000 or any number, depending on the size of your account. How many % did you earn last year in your IRA account? And again, we aim for at least 10% a month, and sometimes we make much more.
The keyword here is CONSISTENT! 
.......... should be PBF Tent Trading?
Those who have extra money in the bank or IRA accounts and would like to make consistent income or returns. Make your money work for you, so you don't have to work for money.
Busy professionals who don't have the time to manage their portfolios but would like to take control. (Do you really trust the "professionals" out there? The account I have with a friend of mine, who is a professional trader/broker, is STILL sitting at 68% "paper loss" today! I need some new friends.....)
Successful day traders who want another stream of steady income, so you can still make money when you are on vacations.
Any one who wants to build wealth over time, learn a skill to secure his or her future. (Okay, I really want to say more because I really believe in what I say, but I know what it will read like to you, so I will stop.....)
This is a VERY BORING way of trading. You put up a trade, then you forget it, until and unless it requires an adjustment. If it goes well, there is nothing more to do other than waiting to be paid once a month on each trade. If you want to be more active, getting in and out of the market, the PBF Tent Trading is not for you. Get the PBF System/Indicators and day trade. Still, you can do both, since the Tent Trading won't take you much time at all.
.......... does PBF Tent Trading place a trade?
Each month around the same time, we will be looking to place trades. Then we pretty much do nothing else, just take a couple of minutes monitoring the price movement every day to check if the price is still within the Tent. That's it. We can set up Tents on several different markets to further diversify our portfolio and spread the risk. 
.......... does PBF Tent Trading work?
Sign up for the Training and learn everything you need to know to trade it successfully. You will be happy that you do, I promise. Unlike many systems out there, this is one you CAN actually learn and apply right away. And please, please do not compare us with the hypes out there. No one else gives so much detail on their websites. If you still can't see the potential and possibilities after reading the contents, seeing the graphs and trading examples below, if you still think it's too good to be true, please go away. A little bit skeptical is healthy and I understand why you might be. But if you are too skeptical, I really don't want to deal with you. I can only take care of so many people at a time. I am sure there are some robots out there that can make you millions in 6 months. But if you have an open mind, would like to learn a simple method that can consistently bring in profits month after month, then email to PBFTentTrading@paintbarfactory.com to be placed on the waiting list.
Click HERE to Register    
Trade Examples
(Disclaimer: These are NOT trade recommendations. These trades are posted for educational purpose ONLY. If you are reading this, even on the same day as I made the trades, these trades were already made and in the past. Do NOT attempt to copy them. I, and PaintBarFactory.com, do not and will not recommend any specific trades on this entire website.)
January 15th, 2010
It was the pay day for January. I was on vacation in Maui, HI, also to celebrate my girl friend's birthday (I promised to take her to any city in the United States for her birthday, she picked Hawaii. Smart girl!) We were swimming in the Pacific Ocean in the morning at the award winning Kamaole Beach. The closing bell rings at 11 AM local time. When I returned to my hotel, this was what I saw:
This small portfolio made $395 for the day, had an open profit of $2,300 with a lot more to come, while the DOW dropped 100.90 points on the day. Was I worried? Did I care? No! I was enjoying myself with my girl friend, the Sun, the mountain, the Ocean, and beautiful scenaries. I knew I was going to make money either way, regardless of what happened in the markets anyway. This is the kind of certainty and freedom in trading I could only dream of before trading this method. Isn't it nice to be able to take a vacation in Hawaii yet still be able to making money on auto-pilot from trading? I think it is!  
November - December 2009
Some of you have emailed and asked about how much capital you need to do the Tent Trading. Some of you are worried because you read about the "Totoro Tent" trade last month, thinking you might need tens of thousands of dollars to do this. The "Totoro Tent" trade was a special trade I made to have fun. It was placed on a Futures symbol (ES), and that is why the margin requirement is very high. For our monthly income purpose, we do not have to trade on Index (RUT) or Futures (ES) markets like we did last month. Forget about that! Look at the SPY and QQQQ trades, which only tied $1,000 margin per trade. And that's what we will be doing.
Now let's look at a few more trades made for this month. I have quite a few trading accounts with different brokers, but I will use this smaller account from now on to demonstrate what's possible if you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to trade yet.
November 23rd 
On November 23rd, I set up two Tents on SPY and IWM. Here is what the Tents look like and where I stood at the closing of the trading session.
 I am in Central Time Zone, these two trades were made at 8:40 and 8:41 in the morning. The market opened at 8:30 AM. At the closing bell, I was sitting at a small loss of $50, which is to be expected due to the difference between the bid and ask prices. I don't know why the margin requirement showed $2,000 per trade, they should be less, base on where the "bottom" of the tent is sitting at.  
For these two trades above, the IWM is very conservative and the SPY is conservative. The maximum gain on SPY is $630 and for $420 for IWM.  
November 24th
The next day on the 24th, I set up another two Tents below. I will explain why I didn't set up all tents on the same day. Let's set up a Batman Tent for the DIA!
The QQQQ is a bit more conservative than the DIA, but the DIA trade has an earlier pay day. Maximum profit is $530 for QQQQ and $655 for DIA.
Right now we have a portfolio of 4 positions. Together as a portfolio, they look like this:
The margin requirement on the graph might not be accurate, it shows $6,000. The maximum gain on the graph is also not accurate because it is based on 12/18, on which day we will be paid for the DIA trade. The other 3 trades will be paid on the New Year. If we calculate our returns on the risk, which is what we should do, this portfolio will return:
DIA: $655/$1,900 = 34.47%
IWM: $420/$1,580 = 26.58%
SPY: $630/$1,370 = 45.98%
QQQQ: $530/$1,470 = 36.05%
So the ROI would be  (655+420+630+530)/(1900+1580+1370+1470) = 35.36%. Would be higher if taking out the IWM, which is the most conservative trade in the portfolio. If all goes well, this portfolio will make $2,235 for us, on $6,320 risk. If you have a $64K account, the profit will be $20K for the month. Well, let's cut that in half, just to be conservative, say, $10,000. If you only have a few thousands in your account, you can just pick one or two of these symbols to trade, or cut the size in 1/4 and trade them all to spread the risk. Of course we might not always get our maximum profit, as I am sure the DIA will not hit the max gain, but even half of 35.36% per month is very impressive, unless you have a better way or place to put your money in, considering it only took so little time for us to set up those tents. And don't be fooled by the $6,320 risk, because it will NEVER happen. It will only happen if the market moves several hundred points a day stubbornly in one direction, AND if you do NOTHING about it. If you know how to adjust your positioins, most of the time, you really don't have to lose, or at least lose a lot.
As usual, at the closing of the day, I expected a small loss because of the bid/ask spreads. Surprisingly, this is where I sat at the closing on November 24, same day as the portfolio was built:
The IWM and SPY placed one day ago have gone from $50 loss to $40 gain. The DIA didn't lose anything and the QQQQ actually showed $20 profit on day one. Very nice.
What next? Nothing.......
Now we wait. Every day we take a quick look to see if the price is still inside our tent. If the price tries to escape from the tent, we move the tent with it. If they all stay in the tent, we do nothing. I will update this portfolio next week after Thanksgiving holidays. Oh, you know what? We get paid each day we hold on these positions, that includes holidays! How nice is that!?
November 25th
Okay, couldn't resist! On November 25th, I added two more tents to the portfolio. The calculation looked too nice to pass and the charts were picture perfect! Here they are:
They have different pay days. The SMH will be paid sooner than the XLE, that's why the margin is higher and the profit potential is lower. But I tihnk $260 is good enough for 23 days of holding the position with very little risk. XLE will potentially add another $570 to the pot, which makes the entire portfolio of 6 positions for this month with just over $3,000 profit potential.
Here is what the portfolio looks like right now. Note the P/L on the Analysis graph always show a lot worse than actual. The P/L on account statement is the real one.
Those of you who have talked to me before know how much I hate drawdown. In day trading, I use very small stops. With this portfolio, I am now sitting at $30 paper gain temporarily. But you know what? Even if it is sitting at $200 loss, I wouldn't worry one bit. I have never been able to hold on a position, even sitting on a drawdown, so comfortably. Why? Because I know TIME is on my side, and I KNOW exactly what to do to manage my trades.
Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Friday will be a shortened trading day, the volume will be low and the market probably will not move much. Come Monday, I KNOW I have about $250 working in my favor in the next few days. Why? Because the number says so. It's all about numbers. This is common sense trading at its best!
Okay, I promise, no more trades for this portfolio for the month! Let's see what happens next! Happy Thanksgiving!
November 27th
Hello every one! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. Today I want to talk about something interesting. No new trades or adjustment made today. When I was working really hard on the training material on my Thanksgiving holiday, I noticed the market tumbled because of the news from Dubai. Asian market was down sharply when our market was closed. The futures markets were still trading. Over night, the S&P 500 Futures dropped as many as 43 points. I did a quick calculation and figured the DOW will gap down more than 200 points, which mean my DIA position will open around $102.50, while it was closed at $104.63 on Wednesday. The DIA position has the "Batman Tent", which is different from all my other positions. It's a bit trickier to adjust this kind of position, and I want to be prepared. Here is a screen shot before the market opens on the DIA:
The market opened at $102.46, gapped down more than 2 dollars. While it was still well within the Tent, it was tilt to the left side. A customer emailed and asked "What if the market drops 300 points the next day after you set up your Tent" before the holiday. I emailed her back and told her that she totally jinxed me! This is not quite a 300-point drop, just a bit more than 200 points, and the market recoverd a bit and closed down about 155 points at the closing bell. The DIA dropped $1.45 and closed at $103.18. This is where it is right now:
As you can see, I am sitting on a $91.25 loss. Is this good? Yes, it is. First of all, our maximum profit potential for this trade is not at the center of the tent. So slightly off center is not necessarily a bad thing. Secondly, our maximum profit potential has actually increased without us having to do anything (I will explain why in the training). Thirdly, I have 40 contracts in the position, FORTY, you read that right, but don't be scared, the margin, or the maximum loss, is only $1900, which, again, will never be reached, unless the market keeps going against me and I do nothing about it. Now imagine this, I have 40 contracts in the position, yet I only lost $91.25 whe the DOW dropped 155 points today, and the DIA dropped $1.45. Take a moment and think about it. HOW GOOD IS THIS?? If you bought just 100 shares of DIA at the closing bell two days ago, you would have a loss of $145 right now. I have 40 contracts and only lost $91.25? That's pretty darn good I will say. Wouldn't you agree? Fourthly, we will collect additional $43 over the weekend according to the math. If the market opens at the same price on Monday, we will only have $48.25 loss. The stock owners can't say the same thing now, can they? Yes, we have TIME on our side and our positions even make money over the weekend. Eventually, it will be a profitable trade as long as it stays inside our Tent. Remember, our finish line is on December 19th. It's really too early to have any kind of concern.
So, back to the question from the customer, "What if the market gaps down 300 points?" Well, let's make it worse, what if the market continues to drop because of the worries of the economy? What if the DOW drops another 300 points from here to the support of 10,000, while the DIA drops to $100? The market actually recovered more than half of its loss from the low today at the closing, but anything can happen. We the Tent Traders don't really care where the market goes next. We do not try to predict the Future. Not until I turn my Mercedes into a time machine like in the movie "Back to the Future" anyway. But then that wouldn't be "predicting", would it? Okay, so, if the DIA drops to $100 a share, I will move my Tent to the left with it. Here is what I will do if that happens:
See what I did? Our old breakeven points were $107.38 and $100.39, while the market is trading at $103.19 right now. If the market drops to $100, which I really welcome, I will make the adjustment above and $100 will be the center of the new Tent as in the above screen shot. Sure, I have to put a few more bucks into the trade, which is why money management is importnat and we will talk about it in detail in the training, but not only this will extend our breakeven points to $96.28 and $105, our maximum profit potential will explode to over $2500 for this trade which actually increases the ROI. This is why I say a disaster is actually an opportunity. If you know exactly what to do, you really don't have to take a loss, most of the time anyway. This part of the training alone is worth whatever I decide to charge you, I am confident! So, if the market recovers in the next few trading sessions, I do nothing. If the market keeps dropping to $100, I will then move my Tent. If the market consolidates, all the better. This is Non-Directional Trading at its best. And the better than best part? I always have a plan, ahead of time. I will never panic. I will always be very relaxed, because I know exactly what to do, how to react to the market changes, and collect profits month after month. (Not that we can't lose, it just hasn't happened to me yet, knock on wood! Don't want to jinx myself!)
I really don't know many people out there who are trading this way. let along teaching this method. Most people do actually take a loss when their positions are threatened, before the loss explodes exponentially (believe me, it will, especially if they don't know how to repair their positions). Hope my report today is interesting, and intriguing.  
November 30: $490 Gain on Auto-Pilot when the DOW closed merely 34.92 higher
The market just opened. I didn't make any new trades or adjustment. In the morning, I was considering taking some profit from IWM. I didn't expect to take profit so early. I sent out a couple of orders, left them alone and went back to my day trading, but those orders never got filled. Might as well. The market rallied back in late afternoon. The DOW climbed 34.92 points for the day. So where is our DIA position standing at this point? Remember we were sitting on a loss of $91.25 on Friday when the market dropped 155 points? So if the market gain about 1/4 of that back today, does this mean our loss will recover 25% as well? The answer might shock you.
Here is a screen shot taken after the closing bell on the DIA position.
As it is right now, the DIA, while climbed merely 40 CENTS for the day, my DIA position has made $213.50 for the day, which brings our $91.25 loss back to $123.50 profit. Compare to owning 100 shares, you made back $40 today but still sitting on over $100 loss. You have GOTTA love this! I didn't do anything at all after setting up those tents last week. The market goes up, the market goes down, I don't care. Time is money, literally, for me.
And, am I worried that I will lose the profit? Should I take some profit off the table? Not at all. There is really nothing to think about. There is a finish line. We will just monitor our positions and see where they are when it comes close to the finish line, then we decide what to do. The longer you hold onto your position, the more money you are going to make. Without having to worry about exit is really a blessing, isn't it? By the way, look at our breakeven points now, they are widened, by a lot. Now the DIA can go down to $102 or up to $106.50 and we will NOT lose a penny.  
As of this writing after closing bell, here is what my portfolio has made for me TODAY, in one day, without me lifting one finger.  
$490..... You can sleep all day the this $490 would be yours still. Remember, the market only went up 34.92 points for the day. The DIA went up 40 cents, the IWM went up 51 cents, the QQQQ went up merely 5 cents (and made $90 for today), the SMH went up 6 cents, the SPY went up 37 cents, and the XLE actually went DOWN 20 cents, and we still made money on that one.  No more having to worry about where the market goes, no more having to pick a direction, think about what this does to you mentally as a trader!!! Really, take a minute and think about it!  
December 1st: $310 Gain on Auto-Pilot
Another trading day is behind us. How did our Tents do today? They say money doesn't grow on trees, which I totally agree. I think money grows inside the Tents!
The IWM and XLE were the weakest links yesterday, and they are the strongest performers today. The SMH was weak yesterday, and lost $40 today. We will monitor this in the next few days. Nothing to worry about though. It's still well within my Tent. By looking at those numbers above, I know which one will do what if the market does what, and not by looking at the PL of course.
Okay, I guess the point is not to see how much we capture every single day. It is still a "long term" play after all. Will update if there is any change made or anything interesting.
The training material is finished, and we will polish it in the next day or two. If you want to be a beta tester for December, send an email to PBFTentTrading@paintbarfactory.com now! Registration open for 3 days only.  
Good Trading every one!
December 2nd: $185 Profit without me lifting a finger 
Whew! 36 emails answered so far today! Guys, it's like all of you decide to email me on the same day!
So another day has passed by us. The DOW dropped 18.90 points today, the SPX was up 0.38 point, and NASDAQ was up 9.22. A mixed session with a very narrow range. So how did our Tents perform today? I was dragged out of the house to see a doctor this afternoon for a flu, so hopefully I will have my voice for the training this Saturday, when I returned home, this is what I have:
The DIA dropped TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.15, that's 15 cents, the Tent made $85 (How did that happen?). The IWM went up 70 cents, we made $40. The QQQQ went up merely 6 cents today, we made $35 on that one. The SPY was down just 5 cents for the day, we captured $30. The XLE went DOWN 34 cents for the day, and we profit $55 for that. So should the market go up or down for us to make money? I don't know, and I don't care. The SMH begins to disappoint, however. It lost $40 yesterday and $60 for today. This morning when I checked this trade, I realized I actually made a mistake. Not that the Tent Trading method doesn't work, I actually made a mistake when I entered this position and overlooked something. Let this be a lesson for me, and for those who attend the training this coming weekend. We will look at it (if I hadn't killed it by then) and I will tell you what I did wrong. It has nothing to do with the method. It was me to blame. I will give it a day or two and see how it performs. At least all the other Tents, which I didn't make mistakes, are making profits every single day so far this week, without me having to do anything at all.
You should be psyched by now. There are so many crappy trading robot out there telling you that you can make money on auto-pilot. Yeah, right. For $97, give me a dozen of those! If they are real, I am sure Golden Sachs will pay millions for it, and they could have saved Lehman Brothers. The Tent Trading is the only "making money on auto-pilot" way I know, that I will trust with my own accounts. You do have to set it up manually though. It's not based on indicators or anything, just simple math, logic and common sense.
Boy, the more I talk about it every day, the more I want to charge more for it........  I will stop.
December 3rd: $75 loss when the DOW dropped 86.53 points. Big Deal!
Today I am a very happy man. Why? Because I made a lot of money? I did, some, with day trading. But with Tent Trading today, I actually had a loss. Here is the statement at the closing:
At the closing bell, I had a loss of $75 for the day. Let's recap. The DIA was down 89 cents and  the position made $35. The IWM was down 73 cents and the position lost $45. The QQQQ was down 18 cents and the tent lost $10 profit. The SPY was down 87 cents and the tent caught another $15. The XLE was down the hardest today, 92 cents, and the tent actually made $50. The SMH, however, continued to lose value. While my entire P/L today was a loss of $75, the SMH alone lost $120. In other words, the other Tents actually still made money today, when the DOW was down 86.53 points. 
So why am I a happy man? Have I lost my mind over the $75 loss? No. Because I am actually very happy that the SMH is in a losing position. Remember yesterday i mentioned that I made a big mistake for this position? One thing I did wrong, and one thing I overlooked. I realized that yesterday. But today, I had a check this position further, and I have realized something that I didn't know before, and have never heard of any one talking about it. This is why I am happy. The Tent Trading method really doesn't lose money very often. The ones that are winning, I really don't care. Just leave them alone. They will continue to work for me as time is on my side. The one that's losing money is very interesting for me, because it's rare. The two things I realized yesterday were no big deal, any one watches carefully (than I did) can spot them. I wish i could share them here but I am not going to. I have already said too much. But the one thing I discovered today is a VERY good lesson for me and those who attend the webinar this Saturday. Another nuance to add to the method! And if this is going to cost me a couple of hundred bucks to learn the lesson, so be it. It's actually a cheap lesson. I think it is well worth it! I was building a new Tent today for January, but then I canceled the order because of this new discovery. I actually sent out the exact same order yesterday and it was sitting there all day long, good thing it was not filled. This new discovery will disqualify some symbols to be traded with Tent! It's a number I will always check before entering any position. In other words, if this number raises a flag, no matter how good the chart looks like, I will pass, no questions asked. Had I known this, I would not have entered this trade to begin with, so it will save me from a loser! I don't know why no one else talks about this nuance, it seems so important. Also, because of another number, I am holding this positioin into the weekend. The job report is coming out tomorrow morning. I still stand a chance to recover from this one, while the other tents will continue to work hard and capture profits for me. If that second number changes to one that I really don't like, then I will kill it next week. It's a relatively small loss anyway, as my protfolio is still in a pretty good shape and well into positive territory. I am going to discuss this and add this new discovery to the manual tonight. I am not sure if it qualifies as a "secret", but that word is really over used in the trading world and really sounds like a hype for any one who uses it. So I am not going to use it. However, I think this new discovery today will potentially save me many losers in the future, so I am a very happy man, not because it finally snowed today.
Till next time.      
December 7th: $275 Gain when the market barely moved! The DOW closed 1.21 points higher
I have had a great experience sharing this method with a small group of people last Saturday, I hope the participants will agree with me and feel the same. It's been a very busy time for me, but I think it's worth it. Many of them asked great questions. Really looking forward to the next session.
So how were our Tents doing? Here is what they did today:
It was a choppy and slow morning. The Dow closed the session up merely 1.21 points, the SPX closed down 2.73 points, and NASDAQ down 4.74 points. They barely moved today. As for our Tents, the Tent aught yet another $55 today while the DIA was up only 6 cents. The IWM closed up by 9 cents, my Tent made $45. The QQQQ closed down 21 cents, my Tent caught $45, the SPY closed down 17 cents, the Tent made $60. The XLE was down 13 cents, and the Tent captured $10. The XLE is the second weakest link in this portfolio, we will deal with it next if it doesn't start to make money faster. The SMH, however, had lost its value 4 days in a row last week due to the mistake I made. I showed the group what I did wrong, what to look out for, and always check 3 things before entering a trade in the future. It is a great lesson. Sometimes it really takes a losing trades to learn. As this method doesn't lose often, I am only interested in the one that's losing value. We might have to kill it as it is now "ITM" by 11 cents. It was down 2 cents today and the Tent recovered $60 loss. As of today, the DIA has made $320 profit. It made the most because the pay day for this trade is the earliest than the others. The other Tents still have a long way to go and more profits to make. The IWM sits on $145 profit, QQQQ has caught $130 so far, while SPY has made $170. The 5 winners are making $825 so far, in 10-12 trading days. We will deal with the losing one in the next few days and see if it turns around and turn the "ITM" into "ATM" again! Remember, all I did was spending a few minutes to set up two Tents per day for 3 days, didn't take me more than half an hour to set them all up. I did absolutely nothing after that. Just sit, wait, and collect profits.   
December 8th: $50 loss when the DOW closed down 104.14 points, that must hurt! Ha!
The market dropped a lot overnight. It tried to fight back early in the session, but showed more weakness before closing and ended the day near its low. The DOW was down 104.14 points, the SPX closed 11.31 points lower, while the NASDAQ dropped 16.62 today. Some of you probably had a big loss today on your IRAs and swing trading account. But then again, who knows what's going to happen tomorrow, right? Here is where the Tents stand right now.
 I "suffered" a loss of $50 for the entire portfolio today when the DOW was down 104 points. What a pain! lol! However, the XLE is not looking very good right now. It lost $120 on its own today. While the others are sitting on 3-digit gain still after today's down market, XLE has turned into a small loss of $60. We will pay attention to it next. The SMH has recovered from its loss for $180 on the day, $60 yesterday, so I decided to take it out of the portfolio, that's why it shows 0 now on the Greeks. You will not see it in the portfolio next time. Actually, if you look at an intraday chart and compare the time I sent out the closing order and the time it was filled, I closed it at the lowest point of the day. In other words, I called the low for this symbol today, which was exactly what I wanted. This is what the PBF indicators do for you if you are really good with them! I don't know. I call intraday days' highs and lows all the time it seems! The total loss for SMH is $170, very manageable, especially for the 3 things I discovered from this mistake, that's less than $60 per lesson, very affordable and worthwhile. Usually if a symbol wants to move out of our tent, we move the tent with it. This one does not allow us to do that. In addition to moving the tent, there are yet a few more tricks which can help limit your loss, or turn it into an even bigger winner if we can't move the tent, this one doesn't allow me to do any of those, either. While it's been recovering for two days in a row, nicely, and it just might turn itself back into a winner in the next few days, I am not going to wait and see what is going to happen. $170 is only 0.06% of what it is capable of losing because of the mistake I made. Cut your losses short, right? In this case, it is well worth the things I have learned from it. Anyways, sold at .26 and bought at .43 for a loss of .17. This is the largest bath I took this year!
December 9th: $255 Gain on a Down then Up Day
The market dipped down overnight, we had a lower open than yesterday, but it had fought its way back up. At the closing bell, the DOW was up 51.08 points, the SPX closed 4.01 points higher, and the NASDAQ gained 10.74 points. For our Tents, the DIA closed TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.51 higher and the tent caught $50, the IWM dropped TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.19 at closing and the tent made $25. The QQQQ was up TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.438 and the tent caught $70 profit. The SPY closed up TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.41 and the tent increased $75 in value. The XLE closed at breakeven from yesterday, didn't go up, didn't go down, yet the Tent made $35 (Interesting, isn't it? The market goes up, the market goes down, the market doesn't move at all, the Tents don't seem to care.....) At the closing, the Tents were up more than $300 altogether, but a few minutes later it dropped to $255, AFTER the markets were closed. Weird... Anyways, we took out SMH yesterday so it's no longer in the screen shot. You will see RUT in the screen shot but everything shows 0, because I sent an order out today for January income which never got filled. It was sitting there all day. Will try again tomorrow. Another good day for my Tents. They make money for me no matter what I do during the day. But of course, I am making money for myself during the day as well! What's my life going to be without day trading (and Classical music)!?
December 10th: $295 Gain on an Up day
I feel like a broken recored for posting the daily P/L here everyday. All major indices were up today. DOW up 68.78, SPX up 6.40. NASDAQ up 7.12, the Russell was the only loser but not much. For my Tents, , the DIA was up 73 cents and the Tent made $55. The IWM was down 24 cents today yet the Tent added $35 in value. The QQQQ was up 22 cents and the Tent caught $20. The SPY closed TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.619 higher and the Tent captured another $65. The XLE has finally shown some life today and caught $120 profit on the day when  the XLE itself was up 68 cents. Tried again for RUT today, raised my bid, still didn't get filled, otherwise it would have added another $330 for the day all by itself. I guess the market maker knows what I am doing and simply don't want to hand over the money to me..... Day after day after day, the tents don't care what the market does it seem, just working hard to make money for me.
Remember, I only have 5 working tents and tied slightly less than $10K on those positions. What if you trade with $20K? $50K? Or even $100K? Would it be nice to make a few thousand dollars a day pretty much doing nothing? It would. I am sure you won't argue with me.  
December 11th: $205 Profit Added to my Account
Here I am to play the broken record again. I begin to think I must have done something wrong. This can't be right! Is this really possible? Everyday at the closing bell, I check on my Tents, and see money just rolling in without me doing anything? Too good to be true, isn't it!?? I know for sure that there are people who are following me and entered my trades in paper accounts. So I really can't lie. I don't do that anyway. I show my live account with the training group on weekends! 
Anyways, today, the DOW was up 65.67, SPX up 4.06, NASDAQ down 0.55, day trading was really slow today, and boring. I set up 4 new Tents today, sent the orders out, they sat there for the entire day, and none of them got filled. They are the ones show everything 0 in the screen shot below. Oh well.... For the 5 working Tents, the DIA was up 74 cents today and the tent lost $5. The IWM was up 56 cents and the tent caught $55. The QQQQ was down 17 cents and the Tent made $50. The SPY was up 47 cents and the Tent captured $65. Even our weakest link in the portfolio showed some life today. The XLE closed down 3 cents and the tent caught $40. It is now sitting on a 3-digit gain with a lot more to go. The DIA, while lost $5, is still the leader of this portfolio, currently sitting at $340 profit, followed by SPY at $330.
Looking forward to the training session 2 tomorrow with my group! Have a nice weekend, everyone!
By the way, if you are wondering, here is what my protfolio looks like after 12-14 trading sessions. 5 working Tents have made me 13.64% return in 3 weeks or less on auto pilot. I am sure you can make more than this, sometimes. The difference is I never have to worry about whether the market goes up or down the next day, and my result will definitely be more consistent than most directional traders. I also do not have to worry about entries, exits, when to take profits, etc, until it's about time. I don't have to spend hours studying the markets, read the news, research the reports, etc. It really didn't take me more than 3 minutes to set up a tent. So it took me 15 minutes or less to build this portfolio 3 weeks ago, then I did absolutely nothing after that. Just wait, and the money grows inside the Tents on its own. 4 of them will be paid at the end of the year, so there is still a lot more to be made. The closer to the pay day, the more money I will collect. But so far, it's like $100 for one minute of work on average. I guess you shouldn't be teaching your teenage kids this method. They should learn the value of money before they are exposed to such an easy way to make money!!
December 14th: $170 Profit Captured on an Up day
Monday, beginning of a new week. The markets were up today, all of them. DIA was up 28 cents the tent actually lost $35. With only 4 more day to pay day, this is not necessarily a bad thing, because it is actually moving towards a better return at finish line. That's what matters. The IWM was up 91 cents, the tent made $25. The QQQQ was up 42 cents, the tent captured $20. The SPY was up 76 cents, the tent made $50. The weakest link XLE really showed some live in the past two session. The underlying was up 57 cents, and the tent caught $140 for the day. So in total, the 5 working tents made another $200 as a portfolio.
The following screen shot shows a gain of only $170, that's because I tried to set up 4 more Tents today for January. Only two of them got filled. One ended the day with $10 profit, and the other is sitting on $40 loss. Again, a small loss on day one or even the first few days is to be expected because of the bid and ask spread. If you buy at the ask, sell at the bid, you will always have a loss in the beginning. So one of them had made $10 on day one, that's just wonderful. Since these two are for January income, and I don't think I will continue to do this daily report after the new year, I will not show the progress of these trades. I know there are people who actually follow me and place the same trade I make, so I will not show symbols here either. If you read this page from the top to the bottom, you will have 2.5 months worth of live trades to prove it to you that this method works. I am sure it is enough and you get the idea. If I continue to update, which I actually enjoy, and this is like my trading log now, I might have to create a blog or members only page for that!
Another $200 grows in the tents without me doing a thing. How wonderful! That's almost worth 3 Mac's new Magic Mice! Free money indeed.... Even with the two new tents, one of them was filled right at the open. The other one sat there for an hour and 18 minutes before it was filled. But who cares? I just set it up and forget it. I really like the RUT, that's why I am trying almost everyday. But somehow it is just so difficult to get filled.


December 15th: $205 Profit Arrived on a Down Day
I don't want to really show my Open P/L on my website, but I guess I don't have a choice today. The Position Statement is acting kind of strange today. At the closing bell, I was surprised to see that P/L for today shows a whopping $765!! I logged out then logged back on, I checked the statement from a different computer and still showing the same thing. This can not be correct of course. And I don't want to lie to you and show you something that's incorrect, just to make you think how great this method is. It is a great method, and you can make more than $7,650 a day if you want to, if you have a large account. I opened this account in late November, less than one month ago, and use it to demonstrate what can be done even if you only have a small account. So far I contribute less than $2000 on each position. The Margin Requirement shows $2000 on each one because it counts your risk AND your porfit. In other words, 2000-risk is your profit, or 2000 - profit is your risk. But it really doesn't matter how "big" the risk might be, because we will never allow that to happen. We have plan A, B, C and D if the market doesn't go our way. And as you can see from my trades ever since October, I actually have not applied any of my Plan A, B, C or D. Everything went smoothly. I set those tents up, and then get paid. These are really money traps, or money magnets if you will.
The open profit appears to be correct, I think. I had $1,350 at the closing bell on Friday, and in the last two days, the Tents have added another $375 to my account. Since it made $170 yesterday, let's say it made $205 today, sounds about right. For the two Tents I added yesterday, one is making $80 already, the other is still sitting on a $40 loss. But no worries, it's only a matter of time that it will show profit. Can't give you a breakdown on how much each one has made today. But the weakest link XLE has really shown some strength. Well, I don't want to use the word "strength", because it implies that the market has to go up, which is not the case. The XLE did close higher today, for 18 cents, if you call that a "strength"! Every other symbols in the portfolio, including the two new tents, traded down today with the DOW closed 49.05 points lower.   
As of now, all 5 Tents set up in late November have made more than 16% on margin, or if you calculate your ROI on risk, then they should all be higher than 20% (I think) in less than 3.5 weeks. I think my high yield Money Market and Savings accounts are paying 1.01% interest as of today, in a YEAR. All it takes is a few minutes of my time to set up each tent. If you know an easy way to make money, do let me know! I will pay you to teach me of course!   
December 16th: $160 Profit Captured! Market went Up before FOMC, then Down after that.... Who cares?
Today I want to talk about something interesting, very interesting. Before our pay day, anything strange could happen. I remember in one of my message, or it was during the live training session last Saturday, I mentioned to the group that I should exit my DIA position on Money, which was two days ago, but I didn't. The Tent for DIA doesn't have a flat top, and when the IV drops consistently in the last few days, the DIA Tent looks like it is about to collapse. The lowest point on this Tent changed to about $250, and the price is right around this area. The tips of the Batman mask used to be over $750, and above $1000 when the Dubai crisis occurred, now it's only around $600, and that is if the market drops 260 points in the next two days will I get that profit. If I didn't do anything to it, at the closing today, the DIA position would have lost $45 for the day with an open profit of $285, and it stands a chance to lose more in the next two days, right when we are getting paid.
So should I move the Tent? No. That's not a wise move. This is why I said with Tent Trading, Knowledge = Profit. If you know what you are doing, not only you don't have to get hurt when the market goes against you, you can increase your profit potential as well. There are so many ways to play with the Tent! I can teach anyone to set up a tent in 3 minutes or less, guaranteed, in a step by step, mechanical way. But it really is all the little things that counts. Just like anyone who can click a mouse can day trade, but that doesn't mean he or she will always make money. The difference is with Tent Trading, the nature of this method has a high win rate to begin with. Plus you really don't have to think or analyze too much. Close enough is good enough.
Anyways, I did something to the DIA Tent today. I didn't move the Tent. I only manipulate it and changed its shape. By doing so, I raised the "roof" of the tent. I did it late in the day, so it didn't help much for today's result. At the closing, the position has last $25 with an open profit of $305. But that's really not the point. Remember, the lowest point of the old Tent was around $250. So $305 is above that already. The real interesting part is what is going to happen tomorrow. If my calculation is correct, if the DIA price doesn't change or it moves higher tomorrow, the profit will increase dramatically for my Tent. I am not going to show you my filled order, as I know some VERY smart people are following this page. So I will just show you the Portfolio Statement with P/L Open, so we can compare today's result with tomorrow's at the closing. Should be very interesting. I look forward to it. This trick is of course covered in the training manual.  
On the other Tents, at one point the "weakest link" XLE actually made more than all the other Tents today. I shouldn't keep calling it the weakest link, it might hurt its feeling! Anyways, at the closing, the DOW dropped 10.88, the SPX closed merely 1.25 points higher, the NASDAQ was up 5.86 points. The IV dropped nearly 5% on the day, that's what killing my Batman Tent. As for my positions, the DIA dropped 7 cents and the Tent lost $25 after the "manipulation", which effect is yet to be seen by tomorrow. The IWM closed 39 cents higher, and the Tent made $15. By the way, with half a month to go for the pay day on this one, it has realized the majority of its profit potential. $350 vs $420. Maybe it's not a bad idea to close the trade, like I should have with the DIA. But doesn't matter. "Should have's" won't make you money in trading. There are so many tricks we can do, it's no big deal. The Tent for QQQQ has captured another $35 while the Q's closed merely 6 cents higher. The SPY closed 17 cents higher and the Tent made $25, now sitting at $405 profit. At one point the XLE Tent had an open profit of $450 today, but at closing, it only kept $30 of the profit and now sitting at $355 profit. I had a new order which didn't get filled today. The two new Tents I set up merely two days ago, one caught $30 and now sits on $110 profit (already!!??), the other one made $50 today and now entered positive territory, overcome the bid/ask spread already. Good news for me. Remember, I opened this account not even one month ago to show you what can be done with this method even with a smaller account. The oldest position in this portfolio is 3.5 weeks old, and the newest one 3 trading days. Look at the returns! 
December 17th: $45 Loss when DOW lost 132.86 points. Only the 3rd day this month the Tents didn't end up higher, for a reason. Just wait and see what happens tomorrow!
So, how do you swing trade really? I don't know. The market goes up, the market goes down. There is always news coming out, reports that surprise people. One week the job report is good, every one thinks the market is recovering. The next week the job report is bad, every one thinks we are in recession. Half of the junk mails I receive tells me the market is heading down, and it will be fast and furious when it happens. The other half tells me the market is alive and well, we will have a breakout higher very soon. Whether you are a long term bull or a long term bear, how do you cope with the noises of daily fluctuation? I know I can't stand it.
Anyway, the market dropped after the FOMC meeting yesterday, continued its decline overnight and throughout today's session after the bad job report number in the morning. At the closing bell, the DOW had given up 132.86 points. The SPX closed 13.10 lower, and the NASDAQ was hit and closed down 26.86 points. Let's look at what my tents have done today.
On the surface, the portfolio is down $45 for the day, only the 3rd day the Tents didn't end up higher in the month. All losing days we had very small losses ($75, $50, $45), but all winning days we have gains much bigger ($160-$490). In short, all symbols traded lower today. The IWM somehow managed to squeeze $10 profit into the position when the underlying was down 68 cents. One of the new tents made $90, while the other one lost $80, kind of a wash, but both are still in the positive territory. The QQQQ ended the day at breakeve, didn't get hurt by the underlying dropping 54 cents today. There are two unusual numbers today, the DIA and the SPY.
It's funny! Last night I emailed one of the participants in the beta group for the method, telling him that "if my calculation is correctly, and my calculation is already correct", I probably jinxed myself! On the DIA, the open profit dropped to only $165. Just a few days ago I still had over $350 it seems. What happened? In fact, my old Tent had made money today still. Remember I added to this position yesterday, so I can "lift the tent" a little bit? Well, I did it late in the day, near the closing bell, the effect I thought might kick in today didn't kick in today, it was greatly offset by the big drop of the market and the $1.29 loss on the DIA. It will happen tomorrow. Why? Because the math says so. According to the numbers, in the worst case scenario, I could still get out at break-even with my added position (so much for "lifting the tent", eh?) and I can still profit from my original Tent either way the market goes (right now with an open profit of $320). It seems if the market rallies higher, I will have a chance to make A LOT of money, even over $1,000, because of the new added position. 

You see, my old Tent made $35 but my "rescue" position, which was meant to make more money, lost $175 today. Odd. But look at the screen shots of the Tent below which was taken before the added trade on the 16th:

The market was moving higher on the 16th. My Tent was shrinking. The lowest point of the Tent had dropped below $250. At the time the market appeared to be moving higher. The roof of the tent on the right side certainly didn't porivde much more profit for us. So before the closing of the market, I decided to manipulate the Tent a little bit and lift the roof, especially to the right side. Below is a screen shot taken today after the closing bell with the added position. As you can see, I was able to make the bottom line of the trade a bit better. The lowest point of the Tent was raised, and we will have a much bigger profit potential if the market rallies, much more than the old Tent. Unfortunately, the market decided to drop in the last two trading days.  

The added position lifted the roof of the entire Tent a bit. Good thing is, the market is sitting at the lowest point of the tent. If the market drops or rallies big tomorrow, we stand a chance to make a lot more profit. If the market doesn't move, below is the projected screen shot of what will happen tomorrow:
The above hasn't happened yet. It's only a projection. Tomorrow is when Romeo finally meets Juliet. The white line will meet with the green line. Whether the market drops or rallies, we will make money. The white line, which is my equity curve line, will make a big jump up higher to meet the green line, that should be more than enough to wipe out today's loss and then some. Let's hope I am right.
On the SPY, I took another position today at my lunch break. Sent out an order and ignored it. It got filled eventually when the market continued to drop. This is my "Money on the Floor" trade. While the DIA trade above is kind of tricky, this one I am very certain. My old tent had lost $65 on this big down day when SPY dropped $1.34 today, but my new Tent, in just a couple of hours, has made $180 at the closing. Tomorrow, I WILL make another $420 at the end of the trading session for a total of $600, Guaranteed! I promise you that or I will shut down my website!  
So two new trades between today and yesterday, one lost $175, one made $180, kind of a wash. Let's see what tomorrow brings! My projection is, one of them will make $200 or more hopefully, the other one will make another $420. We shall see.
By the way, remember the SMH which I took $170 loss a week ago? It appears that if I didn't get out of that position, I would have still made the maximum profit tomorrow, unless the SMH rallies higher for more than 42 cents. On a $26 stock, that would be quite a move on a no-new Friday. Plus this added trade for DIA, this really tells you that sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing. Just let the Tents go to work for you and let them play out. For the SMH trade, it would be a $440 turn-around. However, I don't regret the $170 loss. No one knows what's going to happen next day, let along a week later. It was the right thing to do at the time. For the DIA, I added the position mainly to lift the right side of the tent in anticipation of the market moving higher while it was moving higher. This really tells me regardless what you and I think, the market goes wherever it goes. The gurus from the other websites simply don't know more than you and I. Everyone is guessing based on what he or she thinks, which is not necessarily what will be happening in the market. No one has a crystal ball. No one knows what the news will be, good or bad, let along what effect it will have on the market. While I believe no harm has been done to the DIA, we will see what tomorrow brings. If I didn't add to the position, I might end up with a $250 win. As for the new SPY, I am very Positive I will make $600 total profit from this new Tent, in 1.5 days, like I did last month, by waiting.
Until tomorrow.
December 18th: $745 Profit when the DOW barely gained 20.63 points in the last 15 minutes of trading! Quadruple Witching? Or Santa in disguise?
The Dow "rallied" over 35 points in the last 15 minutes of trading today to close at 20.63 points higher. It was quadruple witching Friday. The market was fairly slow. The SPX ended 6.39 points higher today. The NASDAQ was a bigger winner, gained 31.64 points today. One of my favorite stocks Research in Motion surged and closed at $70 a share, gained $6.54 for the day. (You don't need me to tell you that this is NOT a trade recommendation, right?) Just 1.5 months ago, this stock was trading below $55, because 1.5 months before that, it reported good earnings but the market didn't like it, it dropped from $88 to below $69 in one day. Then there were all kinds of talks. Some say it will continue to go down to the $40's, because Palm and Apple will take its shares and it could not compete with these two companies. Some said it will come back to the $80's in a month because a good stock like this won't stay low for long. Not to mention all the experts and analysts options. By the way, have you noticed the downgrade from those analysts usually come after a stock drops 20% or more of its value? I wonder how much they are paid to do their jobs! Maybe there IS an easier way to make money than Tent Trading! Those upgrades and downgrades are really very good "contrarian" indicators! I don't know. I don't want to pick a direction anymore. I think sleeping soundly at nights is much better for my health than watching the daily fluctuation and trying to figure out where the market is going and where I should enter, take profits, or take loss. I want to live longer and healthier to enjoy the profits the Tents made for me. 
However, I must say I was happy to see the market moving higher overnight last night. The "rescue team: for my DIA Tent was sent with the anticipation that the market will move higher. Sadly, the market reached its high in the first 15 minutes of trading today, and closed 45 points lower from its peak. The DIA dropped to as low as $102.43 but closed down only 24 cents at $103.14. My rescue team, however, never recovered. Had I held it till closer to the closing bell, I would had only lost a little. But I had no patience. It was the "pay day" for the DIA position. I closed it at my lunch break. My original DIA tent, without the added position, would have been fine on its own. I closed it with $350 profit. For the added position, I had to fight the market maker a bit, and gave up a little to get out of it. I can NOT hold it past today, I had no choice. I gave up $200 profit for my freedom! As of right now, if I waited longer, I could have saved another $90. Time is money with Tent Trading, right? But I got out netting $150 from this trade, and used the margin to set up another new Tent for tday. Here is my portfolio statement for today: 
I closed the DIA trade, so the P/L Open shows 0, and the gain is deducted from the P/L Open. I added a new tent at the bottom which is currently losing $20, that's normal. The two Tents I set up earlier this week continued to trap money. These two made $120 today and now sit on open profit of $250 in just a few days. I really should consider taking IWM off the table as it is approaching its maximum profit potential rapidly. The IWN went 56 cents higher, the tent added another $20 to the pot. The QQQQ traded 71 cents higher, the Tent caught another $25. The XLE ended the day 1 cent lower, and the tent still made $95 (go figure!) Now let's look at the SPY, which made $520 today. It has, as promised, or "predicted", accomplished the "Money on the Floor" trade, a Mission Very Possible (MVP), made another $420 from the Tent I set up yesterday, for a total gain of $600 in two days. The original Tent had caught another $100 for the day, for a total of $520 for today, $1,040 for SPY. This was done when the SPY closed merely THREE CENTS higher today. 3 Cents!! You have to own 17,333 shares of SPY to make $520 profit when the market moves 3 cents. Which means you have to have a $1,910,306.67 account to purchase that many shares of SPY. Okay, on margin, half of that is still close to $1 million dollars. $520 on $1 million is, geesh, 0.00052. What's the percentage ROI on that one? And, I did pay commission to get in, but I didn't have to pay a penny to get out of my position. They "expire" automatically. 
Now who wants to trade stocks?    
$745 easy money on a quadruple witching day, with a lot more to come in the next couple of weeks. The witch might just be Santa in disguise!
Happy Weekend and Happy Holidays, wherever you are!
Monthly Report
In November, I opened this new account with $30,000 to demonstrate what can be done if you only have a small account. I use this account in Live Training and of course I am not going to show you my other, bigger accounts. I transferred the amount on November 17th and the account was funded on the 18th, exactly one month ago.
In the past month, I didn't really try very hard. I didn't study the market, or set up numerous Tents on this account. I was casually placing trades, 6 near the end of November in 3 days, and 4 in the past week, with one of them opened on Thursday December 17th and one on Friday the 18th. The most Tents that were running at one time was 7. In fact, I probably had tried "too hard" than I had to. If I hadn't interfered with my Tents in the past month for this account, and just let it run its own course as I did in the previous months, I would have made/saved $400 more. In 30 days, here is where my account stands.
My account equity has grown to $33,621.92. That's more than 12% on the entire account, which I hardly fully utilized. I was using 40% or less ($10K to $12K) of the entire account to make trades until this past week. $3621.92 on $12K is 30% ROI, on $14K is 25.87% ROI. Whichever way you look at it, I think it's pretty good. You just might double or triple your account at this pace. Sure, as I said, you won't make a furtune with an account of $30K, you can't make a million in a year even if you try hard. The point is, it didn't take me any time at all to set up the Tents. It didn't take me much time to manage them. I still do what I do everyday, so this additional income really feels like free money sometimes. I do believe this is the easiest way to make money from trading. And the key word here is "consistency". Sure, I had 3 "losing days" in December, for $75, $50 and $45, but my smallest winning day was $160, almost enough to cover the 3 "losing days", and my largest winning days were $745, $490 and $310. Most of the days the Tents as a Portfolio made $200 or more. I never had a losing week, or even two losing days in a row, let along losing month. But this is really not the point. The point is how the Tents will cross their finish line. The daily fluctuation is really not the concern here. All Tents were set up in 6 days, only took me minutes on these 6 days to send the orders out, then I wait and get paid, knowing with great certainty and confidence that I will be a little bit richer everyday. I never have to worry what the market is going the next day. I sleep very well at night. If I can say the profit is not really the most valuable part of this trading method, just a by-product, I will say that the feeling of free from worrying is worth the weight of gold. I don't have to study the market, I don't have to pick a direction, I don't have to actively monitor my positions, I don't have to have a stoploss order, I don't have to set a profit target, I don't have to worry about when to get out unless I am in trouble. I don't have to guess, analyze or predict. All I have to do is wait patiently, manage my risk if any, and react to what the market is doing. This is really not "trading" in a sense, more like "managing". The "trading" part of the mechanism really can be learnt and taught in 10 minutes, it's the flexible ways of thinking, the many tricks you can do to keep yourself from a losing trade, the small nuances here and there, that are the core of this trading method. It's more than just "moving the tents" when you are in trouble. There is so much more. 
Anyways, if you want to turn the last $500 in your account into $500,000 in a year, try one of those "$97 No Loss Robots" out there. I am sure they will deliver their promises and you won't be disappointed (Yeah, Right......) Or you can trade Forex and stare at the monitors 24 hours a day, starting with micro lots with TEMPORARY_BODY_TAG.10 a pip, making hundreds of pips every single day, then you might reach your goal, and I wish you best of luck with all my heart (this is not entirely impossible, but highly unlikely). But if you want a low maintenance, worry free, consistent method with hardly any work to grow your wealth over time, this is the method you have been searching for.                
(PS. In case you are wondering why the open profit has dropped from $2435 to $1835 from the previous screen shot, that is because the "Money on the Floor" trade was closed out automatically and settled on Saturday morning, the profit of $600 is now safely in my account, and taken out from the Open P/L [2435-1835 = $600]).
December 21st: $272.50 Boring Profit
Well, I begin to feel bored writing these updates. It's not like I have something new to say everyday. It's pretty much the same old same old, how much the Tents have made, etc. Nothing new really. I was surprised to see the Tents only caught $272.50 at the closing bell. Because on my break, I saw it had made over $400 intraday. But that doesn't matter really. Time is money. Sooner or later it will arrive in my account. I set up three new Tents this morning, one didn't get filled. The two new tents are sitting at $35 and $40 loss right now. The Tent I set up last Friday lost yet another $20. Everyone else made money today. All other symbols went up except for the EEM, which dropped 5 cents today and the Tent made $20 from that. One of the two Tents I set up last Monday has already made $280, the other one $120, incredible. Since the DIA trade was closed last Friday, I opened a new one on it today, which is responsible for the $40 loss today. The DOW closed 85.25 points higher today, SPX up 11.58, NASDAQ up 25.97, for the record. Also for the record, one of the trades I placed today only has 1/4 of my usual size, it's the one above DIA, and the margin on it is only $500. This one will probably not be making any impressive gain as the contract size is rather small. It's a stock symbol I have not Tent Traded before. Just testing it out.  
December 22nd: $275 Profit when I was wrapping Christmas gifts
Received my Apple Magic Mouse today! Pretty cool!
The ES was trading in a 5-point range today. I am surprised to see the market still moved somewhat. The DOW closed 50.79 points higher, the SPX up 3.97 points, and NASDAQ added 15.01 points. As for my Tents, the stock symbol I added just yesterday made $25 when the underlying was down 23 cents today. $25 is actually 5% ROI on a $500 margin, isn't it? The DIA closed 57 cents higher and the new Tent set up yesterday made $70. The third symbol on the screen shot, the underlying went up merely 8 cents, yet the Tent caught $120 profit. Don't ask me how it did it. I am just as happy. The IWM Tent lost $10 when the underlying went up 58 cents today. The IWM is VERY close to its maximum potential a few days ago. There is not much room to move up from here, so it might move down. The logical choice is to take the $385 profit now. But since I am demonstrating what can be done with this account, I will just leave it alone for now. Actually, I am not worried about this position. The QQQQ didn't lose anything today, which is a surprise. It really should! The other Tent I set up last Monday lost $50 today when the symbol went up 49 cents. Both Tents from last Monday are already sitting at $470 profits, in 7 trading days. Very nice. The SPY caught another $65 today and is now sitting on $595 open profit, while the XLE, once the weakest link in the portfolio, made $25 today and now has $520 open profit. The last symbol traded last Friday made $30 today when the underlying closed merely 4 cents higher. I didn't make new trades or any adjustment at all. I will leave it as is until January, that's the plan.
December 23rd: $210 Loss, the largest "losing day" so far. It's a good thing because it reminds me that I am actually not completely "invincible"!
We have had big winning days after winning days, and only 3 small losing days ($75, $50, $45) before today. It's about time for our portfolio to have a "correction"! I was actually surprised that I had a net loss of $210 today. No big deal, the entire portfolio is still sitting on open profit of over $2,000, some trades, while "lost" money today, are so close to their maximum profit potential with 8 days left to the pay day, I am not too worried if they give back a bit of profits right now, as the profit will have to come back to me before the year end to fulfill its destiny. At the moment, I am quite confident that the SPY will make $630 (now at $570, down from $595 yesterday) and the XLE will make $570 (now with open profit of $540) in total next week. The IWM, while lost $20, should still make to the finish line realizing maximum profit of $420 (It's sitting at $365 after losing $20 today, so close.....) It's the QQQQ that's a bit worrisome. It now sits on $320 open profit, lost $80 from $400 yesterday. We will monitor this one closely and see what tomorrow brings. The symbol above QQQQ also lost $80 today, which puzzles me, because the underlying closed merely 2 cents higher today. No reason I'd lose so much. We will see what happens tomorrow. It's one I set up last Monday, merely 10 days ago. While losing $80 profits, it is still sitting at $150 open profit. The last symbol on the list, however, has not entered the positive territory since it was placed on Monday. But just like the XLE, anything can happen. Once it was the weakest link in the portfolio, now the number 2 earner just after the SPY. So we will wait and see what happens next.
The Dow closed only 1.51 points higher, the SPX 2.57 higher, NASDAQ was the biggest gainer again, closed 16.97 points higher. The DIA closed unchanged today, IWM rallied 55 cents, QQQQ jumped 33 cents, SPY gained 22 cents, and XLE gained 45 cents.
It's always good to have a "larger losing day" occassionally to remind me that I actually "can" lose, too keep me on my toe and won't be too complacent and forget about my positions! Trust me, it is very likely to happen to you if you hardly ever have a losing trade for a long time.
Till tomorrow.
December 29th - 30th, $310 yesterday, $115 today, while in reality, there should be more, here is why...
Sorry for skipping a couple of trading days.... It has been difficult to even look at the computer in the last few days. All I had been doing was shopping, shopping, then shop more. Received my Razer Bluetooth mouse yesterday, and a mini camcorder today, getting ready for my vacation to Hawaii/Maui in January. Really can't wait! Still waiting for the underwater camera I ordered a couple of days ago.
There wasn't anything new in the last few days in terms of tent trading. Same old same old. The few tents I set up in late November are approaching their pay day, which is tomorrow. There isn't much more profit for those tents because they are all within their max profit potential. There is no room for them to make much. I am not taking them out because I don't have to. Save me some commission this way. I did make some adjustment on the QQQQ though. It lowered my maximum profit potential to only $230, which has been reached in the last couple of days, but it frees me from any risk. Now I am positive that all 4 positions that are scheduled to be paid tomorrow will reach their maximum profit potential, there won't be any surprises at all. Here are the portfolio statements.  
Here is something interesting. The "mysterious symbol" number 1 above the DIA has been losing money since Day 1. Unlike the other Tents I set up, which made money no matter the market goes up or down, this one is doing the exact opposite and continues to lose money day after day, also no matter the market goes up or down. I was really puzzled. Today, I realized why this is happening! I can not believe what I found! The price of one of the "legs" on TOS platform actually has never changed! Ever! I found it impossible at first, checked the price against Yahoo's free quote, which is delayed, found a big difference, then logged on my optionsXpree account to check against the real time quote there, and found that if the price gets corrected, which would add about $200 profit in my position, which means I am actually in the positive territory for this symbol. This makes more sense to me. I talked to "the man" at TOS and let him know about this. Interestingly, all the other price quotes were correct but this one. Even the volume didn't get updated all day today, and I suspect the price quote never changed in the last few days as well, which is why this position "loses" money everyday. When it gets correctly, it will instantly add a couple of hundred dollars or so to my portfolio. Let's hope they figure out the problem and correct the issue by tomorrow, so on the last day of my update here, I can show you what I mean! "The man" just emailed me back telling me his quotes team is looking into it! Anyways, here are a couple of screen shots to show you what I am talking about.
December 31st: $600 Profit. Happy New Year to me when the DOW plunged 120.46 points in the last trading day of 2009!
But of course, this is to be expected. It's not like it is a surprise to me when I see my tents made more money for me. Today is the pay day for the remaining 4 Tents I set up in late November. I did absolutely nothing with 3 of them, and they all reached their maximum profit potential without me lifting a finger. The QQQQ position, which I adjusted a few days ago to release myself from any further risk as the market was to escaping from my tent, landed inside my maximum profit zone today as well. 
In the last trading day of 2009, the Dow dropped 120.46 points, the SPX closed 11.32 points lower, and NASDAQ dropped 22.13 points. Every symbol in my portfolio dropped in value but one. Nonetheless, my tents still made a handsome profit for me.  
To recap, in late November, I spent a few minutes a day setting up 2 Tents per day for 3 days, 6 Tents in all. A couple of weeks later, I actively took a loss on SMH (-$170) because it was trading outside my comfort zone, and this symbol was not a qualified symbol to being with (lessons learned), which, in hindsight, would have ended a $210 winner anyway. The other 5 Tents all ended up winners bringing me thousands of dollars in profit. And all I did to "deserve" the profits was waiting. In this case, time IS money. 
By now, I hope you are able to see the power and simplicity of this trading method, and what it can do for you. It doesn't take you much time at all to set up those tents, it doesn't require you to have an opinion about the market. You don't have to worry about when to get in or when to get out, everything is mathematical, logical and common sesne. Most of the time, you do what I do, make money by waiting. As time goes by, the profits just keep rolling in week after week, month after month. Can you find an easier way to trade? Or, can you find an easier way to MAKE MONEY in general? Don't email me if you had won a lottery, robbed a bank, or cleared out a few casinos before, you beat me, I surrendar. But other than that, I can't think of an easier way to make money. And how much do you want to make really? $3K per month? $5K per month? $10K per month? How much do you have to make to replace your full time job right now? $15K per month? $20K per month? It all depends on your starting capital, the size of your account. But you will never have to wake up in the morning, try to beat the traffic to get somewhere, sit there between 9 to 5, and live from paycheck to paycheck. You are your own boss. I am blessed as I never had a full time job in my entire life except for two months as a favor to a friend.
I have proved it to you. I post my progress almost daily here for the last month. The month before I had no adjustment, no loser, I didn't nothing. This month I had one loser, which would have been a winner had I done nothing to it. Nonetheless, a loser is a loser. So in the last two month, out of the 11 tents, I had 1 loser and 10 winners. In the meantime, I still have 5 Tents running live after today, all of them winners at the moment, sitting at profits of $30, $200, $390, $280 and $180. Is 90%+ win rate really possible? You tell me. I am not trying to hit homeruns. Don't be fooled or brainwashed by those advertisements flooding your inbox everyday telling you something like "100% in one day", "250% in 3 days". Wouldn't it be nice if it's true? What they didn't tell you is how many 100% losses they have in a row before hitting a winner like that. If they can't make that kind of return consistently, then to me, it is only gamble. Might as well take your money and go to vegas. You will at least have some fun there. Consistency means you make the money and you get to keep it. You don't make money on one trade and lose it all in the next three. To me, consistency is key. It is how you grow your wealth into an empire.      
This will be my last broadcast here. I have enjoyed updating this page in the past 40 days. But if I continue, I am sure you will feel reall bored reading the same old same old, how many points the market went up or down today and how much my Tents made for me, etc. It really gets old.
Thank you for those who followed this page! I wish everyone a very happy and successful 2010!!!
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October - November 2009
* You can set up your Tent in many different ways. Below is what I call "Totoro Tent". It gives us a wide range for profit, with a chance to hit a homerun on either side as well.
On this screen shot:
Current Market Price: 1080.25 (At the time it was saved on 10/25/09)
If the market remains between 975 and 1175 (yellow arrows) by 11/21/09, $1,225 is our profit.
If the market moves in between 1175-1247, or 903-975, on 11/21/09, we will make more than $1,225.
The maximum profit is $18,000+, but only if the market close at or near 942 or 1210 on 11/21/09.
If the market closes higher than 1247, or lower than 903 on 11/21/09, we begin to lose money. That's a range of ES 344 points in 26 days. It is unlikely if not impossible.
The probability of the market trades below 902.80 on 11/21/09 is 0.21%.  
The probability of the market trades above 1247.20 on 11/21/09 is 0.95%.
In other words, the probability for this trade to lose is 1.16%.
In other words, we have a 98.84% chance of winning this trade, according to the computer analysis on the graph.
The probability of the market trades between 975 and 1175 on 11/21/09 is 86.47%. (45.91% + 40.56%) - Profit of $1,225. 
The probability of the market trades between 1175-1247, or 903-975 on 11/21/09 is 12.37%.  (1.13+3.87+5.16+2.21) - Profit of $1,225 or more.
We have 98.84% probability to win this trade and make at least $1,225. 
We have 12.37% chance of making more than $1,225.
We have 1.16% of losing this trade.
That's it, simple math, like I said. 
* This is an EXAMPLE, NOT A TRADE RECOMMENDATION. This is for educational purpose only, to demonstrate what this is about. Do not copy or take this trade! (You can't anyway, I didn't give  any instruction about this trade)
* Analysis based on 10+ contracts per leg. Initial margin for this trade would be somewhere around $22K, you can divide everything by 10 for the minimum. This trade is made on a Futures which is why the margin is high. I made this trade for a shot at $18K profit on $22K margin, an 81.81% return. If we trade on regular stocks or ETFs, the margin requirement will be MUCH lower and the ROI will be much higher. Continue reading......  
Here is a quick trade placed on November 19th. In the morning, I set up a tent and forgot about it, continued to do my usual day trading thing. At the close of the market, I was sitting on $148.78 profit. (It was the first day of this trade, so the P/L Open and P/L Day are the same) It's not much, but I didn't do anything other than spending a minute to put it up, and I KNEW from the get go that I will make money, with GREAT confidence, and I don't have to do anything else (not even have to "close" the trade). It almost feels like free money. If you want to make more, just add more contracts. The underlying which is SPY, closed at $109.82. If the next day it trades and closes between $108 and $112, I will reach my maximum profit of $270. According to the analysis below, I have 86% chance of making full profit on this trade. I have over 90% chance to do breakeven or better on this trade, if the SPY closes between $117.73 and $112.27 the next day. The computer might be conservative. To me, it is very unlikely for SPY to have that kind of a move on a Friday without major news. The DOW has to rally or drop 200+ points the next day for me to breakeven on this trade. There is no guessing, worry, speculating, or concerns where the market is going to go. I knew everything before I made the trade: what my risk, profit, time frame are. I knew with great certainty that I will be paid $270 the next day. There was no doubt in my mind. When was the last time you traded with this kind of certainty and confidence? Once again, it feels like free money, it feels like cheating, I almost feel guilty about it, but I also wonder why there are people out there who are willing to hand over their money to me like this? I am sure I will get over the guilt over time, while enjoying my profits....  
Here is what happened the next day on November 20th (11/21/09 is actually a Saturday). This screen shot was taken 35 minutes before closing bell. This trade has added $95.83 in value and sat on $250.83 profit while this picture was taken. I took the screen shot before closing bell because I want to show you the white line, which is our equaty curve, before it meets the green line, which is our maximum profit. They will meet at the closing bell and the maximum profit of $270 will be reached. The right side of the white line has already met the green line and disappeared! What a beautiful sight! At this point, I still had some down side "risk", meaning, if the market drops another $1.77 in the next half an hour, I will have a breakeven trade. Consider it took all day for the SPY to drop 32 cents, I will say it is very unlikely if not impossible (I am being polite here!)    
Again, $270 is a small amount, no big deal. But 1. If you want to make more, trade more contracts. 2. It's not bad for a 1-minute work and two trading sessions of waiting. 3. This is the closest thing to sure bet in trading. I don't know any other way to trade a daily chart that can give you a 90+% certainty to KNOW that you ARE going to make money no matter which direction the market goes. But it gets better, keep reading.....
 Now let's take a look where the "Totoro" Tent stands.
When the picture was taken, we were sitting at $1,146.80 profit. Very close to our maximum profit of $1,225. It will get there at the closing bell. But it gets better, keep reading.....
In fact, this trade looked so good, at some point (don't remember on which day) I made an adjustment to the position, which in turn increased the maximum profit potential of this trade, as the market didn't seem to be moving dramatically higher or lower at that point to hit our $18K target. After the adjustment, our maximum profit became $2,975, currently sitting at $2,848.42. Again, the maximum profit will be reached at closing bell. It's no longer a cute "Totoro" Tent, but who cares! Profit is better!
Here is another trade made on RUT. I don't remember on which day I put this tent on, probably around the same time as the Totoro Tent. As of 10-29, I was sitting at a paper loss of $88.49. But did I care? No, I didn't. Was I nervous? No, I wasn't. 580 is still a long way from 548, and I have TIME on my side. This trade requires $5,000 (should be $4,000) to place because it's an Index. Next month we will drop it and trade IWM instead, better ROI with a lot lower margin requirement.  
Here is what it looks like on November 20th. It's interesting. I didn't even check on the Tent after taking the picture above on October 29th (this shows how much I care about my trades! lol In fact, this shows you how confident I was about this kind of trading. I don't have to check on my trades, I just have to know some key numbers), the white line HAS disappeared and the maximum profit has been reached before today (that's why P/L Day shows 0). I don't know when it happened. But then again, I don't need to, because I don't even have to "exit", or close the trade. The money is credited in my account from the get go. This trade made $950 on a $5,000 margin (should be $4,000, see bottom green line on both sides) almost a 20% gain in less than a MONTH. Think about it for a minute! How much does your CD pay? 3% a YEAR? 20% a month is 240% a year, if you do not compound your profit. That's more than triple your money every year. You can double or triple your money in a boring, set-it-and-forget-it way. How exciting is that!? But it gets better. Continue reading............
Here is another trade made on SPY. The screen shot was taken, again, on 10-29 (that was probably the only day I checked my trades....) a few days after the trade was placed. The cost (margin) for this trade is only $1,000.
And here is what it looked like on November 20th before the closing bell. It was sitting at $398.39 profit. Unlike the other SPY trade above, the left side of the white line has disappeared. At the closing bell, our maximum profit of $430 will be reached, and the white line will disappear. $430 return on $1,000 margin is 43%, PER MONTH. You do the math! (In fact, the maximum loss on this trade would be around $550 or so, see the green line on both sides, the margin should be $550 or so.... This means if you calculate your ROI base on risk, it's 78% gain!)  
If you want to see what it looks like AFTER the closing bell, here it is. The White line completely disappeared, our maximum profit of $430 reached. Again, 43% ROI per MONTH in a low maintenance way. It's mind blowing! 43 times 12 equal to 516% annual return none compounding. Sure, I know you can day trade Futures or Forex and make a lot more than that in a year. But these trades only require a few minutes per month to place. After that, there is nothing more to do. It's a good compliment to your day trading profits.  
Here is a trade that I made a mistake yet didn't realize soon enough. The "ceiling" of this tent is only 1 point wide, which is way too narrow. This is why my maximum loss is only $260 and my maximum gain is $710.
Had I caught the mistake, I would extent the ceiling of the Tent and make it more profitable, or reasonable. But I didn't. We will not adjust our trades on the day we will be paid. Here is where the trade ended:
The Q's closed at $43.46, merely 25 cents from our breakeven point to the right. Yet we ended up with a profit of $250 for the trade.
Like I said, you can be wrong and still make money. Close is good enough.
Now let's recap. I put up some Tents in the last part of October, casually, (and one Tent on November 19th for fun). In less than one month time, here is what I got:
Trades were made from two different accounts. 5 for 5 for the month, no losing trade. Not much, I know. Almost $5,000. But good for a nice Thanksgiving dinner and a few nice gifts for friends (NOT my broker friend!!!) And this is no more difficult than picking up money from the streets, especially for the $270 one... Still feeling guilty......
$5,000 a month is $60,000 a year, non-compounding. Can this possibly replace your full time job? I don't know, depending on how much you make a year I guess. But I will say this. The 5 trades altogether probably didn't take me more than 60 minutes to enter and manage for the entire month. The market has treated me nicely.    
Since this is such a high probability, low maintenance, high return way of trade, next month I will not trade the Index and Futures and only put my money in the highest ROI trade. 43% in a month, I still can't believe it. Let's aim for 10% per month return consistently, shall we? That's still more than double your money per year. Your fund managers, trade advisors, savings accounts, CD accounts, real estate investments, etc., nothing can give you this kind of return!
And you know why it is appealing? Because it is all about math! Simple math! Numbers don't lie! You KNOW everything ahead of time when you place a trade. There is no guessing, no speculating, no sweat, no sleepless at nights. We don't care where the market is going the next day. We don't make money by guessing the direction of the market. We make money by guessing where the market is NOT going to be in a month's time. We don't have to be precise or even correct about our timing, we don't have to be accurate on every detail. People invest in the market buy "hopes", and that's what we are selling them.
And the best part? You don't have to worry about when to exit, at all! There is always a finish line. Once it passes the finish line, all trades are off, automatically, and you pocket the profits. You make money by........ waiting. Like I said, it is REALLY a BORING way to make money. Really, really boring. Good thing I don't have to check on those trades and can still do Day Trading!   
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